Now who are you rooting for.
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  1. Blazed
    Posts: 4

    Posted 05/01/2009 1:26 AM

    I am saying go Rockets or Nuggets what about you guys?
  1. SithLord13
    Posts: 56

    Posted 05/01/2009 2:31 AM

    I'm not rooting for anyone from either division now. But would like to see Dallas in the Western Finals over Denver. Not because I like them but they are currently the only team that can 'beat LA'
    I am a fan of the Rip City, where amazing will happen in 2012
  1. Posted 05/04/2009 2:50 PM

    I'd quite like to see a Denver - Orlando final. I think that would be amazingly interesting.

    No Fakers, no Celtics, and no LeBron. I know I know, from the neutral point of view it might not make the best finals but I always like to cheer for underdogs and to be fair the likelihood of Denver and Orlando getting there is pretty slim :D
    I am a fan of not being a fan of the close season :)
  1. RipCityRevival
    Posts: 684

    Posted 05/04/2009 4:38 PM

    Three days ago I would have agreed with you, however, since Dwight "dirty" Howard threw those elbows I can't support him anymore. I'm looking at Denver getting Destroyed by Cleveland in the Finals. Let LeBron get his ring in Cleveland so that he doesn't go to NY with Wade and Bosh. By Cleveland winning, it could actually help Portland win one in the future.
    I am a fan of Good basketball, great fans and Rip City!
  1. PTBunitd
    Posts: 31

    Posted 05/04/2009 7:59 PM

    Despite the elbow, i wouldn't label Dwight as "dirty". He just got caught up in the emotion. He has been picked on all season, he is young, and he tries to keep a happy face. Everyone eventually slips up when they bottle in all their aggression.

    I am going for Dallas (cough TX cough) now that Portland is out, and Orlando. I love cleveland and their love for the game, but i don't feel the need to say i am rooting for them when they will obviously make it to the finals.
    I am a fan of go ahead and close off the paint, we'll still destroy you from the perimeter.
  1. Travis
    Posts: 56

    Posted 05/04/2009 8:02 PM

    I want Cleveland to win it all and LA to get knocked out ASAP.
    I am a fan of a run at those rings in 2011 when GO comes back to dominate!!!!!!!!!!!
  1. Travis
    Posts: 56

    Posted 05/04/2009 8:02 PM

    I want Cleveland to win it all and LA to get knocked out ASAP
    I am a fan of a run at those rings in 2011 when GO comes back to dominate!!!!!!!!!!!
  1. SuperUser Account
    SuperUser Account
    Posts: 39

    Posted 05/05/2009 2:37 PM

    Anyone but LA!
    I am a fan of This is the newest fan statement from the Super User
  1. damir
    Posts: 43

    Posted 05/05/2009 3:15 PM

    Agreed, anyone but LA.
    I am a fan of
  1. KingKoopa
    Posts: 56

    Posted 05/05/2009 3:25 PM

    As much as they've broken our hearts again and again, I'd like to see Cleveland win it all this year.
    I am a fan of Marcus Camby! :)
  1. damir
    Posts: 43

    Posted 05/05/2009 3:42 PM

    Cleveland? Really? It's already nauseating enough with all of the 24/7 coverage they throw at Lebron on ESPN/ABC - if the Cavs won a title we would never hear the end of it.

    They've already proclaimed he better than Larry Bird. Blasphemy.
    I am a fan of
  1. monopoman
    Posts: 23

    Posted 05/05/2009 5:18 PM

    Exactly Cleveland is the best choice due to the Blazers needs and wants. The last thing we want is LeBron moving to a team that has the fanbase/capital to build around him.

    If he wins a championship or two with Cleveland this will insure he likely signs a large contract with them.
  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
    Posts: 1669

    Posted 05/05/2009 5:29 PM

    Toronto Blue Jays, and the Mariners of course (:
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. BlazerFan4Ever5
    Posts: 13

    Posted 05/05/2009 8:05 PM

    I'm sorry to say this, but I'm actually rooting for the lakers now. Only because i freakin' hate the rockets!!!:] So, i'm all for the lakers this round, and when the rockets lose, then I want the lakers to lose in the 3rd round!!!!
    I am a fan of how great these blazers did in the 2010 playoffs! i know we lost, but it was still fun to watch. we'll go farther next year!!
  1. Dman
    Posts: 101

    Posted 05/06/2009 7:55 AM

    Sorry, but I will never vote for the Lakers. I hope the Rockets sweep them in 4. I would like to see Cleveland win it all, not because of LeBron, as a matter of fact, I would like to see them win it without him, but I lived outside Cleveland for two years, and the fans there deserve it. I am a Browns fan also.
    I am a fan of Since 1969 when the NBA awarded Portland the franchise.
  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 05/06/2009 12:52 PM

    I would not say rooting for..but more so hoping the lesser of evils wins..
    Orlando, Houston, ATL..that's it
    Can't stand LA
    LeBron has the ego the size of the Grand Cayon, please don't feed it
    Celtics are so cocky and obnoxious
    Thuggets..need I say more?
    Mavs...never forget that 03 series..ugh
    I am a fan of
  1. Bertram
    Posts: 803

    Posted 05/06/2009 3:23 PM

    I'm really not impressed with the Cavaliers team. I really really don't think they are that good. I know their record says they are the best team and they only have 1 loss at home, but they are in the East. I looked hard at their offense, and they run more iso's for Lebron james than we do for Roy. In yesterdays game, the Hawks were able to get turnovers off of him. He still managed to score a good amount, but if Hawks were able to actually hit some shots it would be a whole different story. They do however have good defense, but for the most part they are a jump shooting team just like us....except better D.

    Anyway, I'm going for whoever the underdogs are. It will change. So right now, Orlando, Hawks, Rockets and Mavs.
    I am a fan of B-Roy and LaMonster!
  1. renots4206
    Posts: 1

    Posted 05/06/2009 11:00 PM

    I'm rootin for LeBron, it's about time everyone sees that he is better than kobe and the Fakers... He is going to be the next Michael Jordan of the league, by that I mean his dominance, not his skill.
    I am a fan of The BLAZERS!!!
  1. Rick
    Posts: 33

    Posted 05/07/2009 7:03 AM

    Rockets. It will make losing to them a little easier to swallow if they go on and win it all.
    I am a fan of pritch-slapping!
  1. BlazerFan4Ever5
    Posts: 13

    Posted 05/07/2009 8:00 AM

    Okay, i change my mind on the laker thing-a-ma-bob!!:] I still hate the lakers, so i think i'm going for the cavs.
    I am a fan of how great these blazers did in the 2010 playoffs! i know we lost, but it was still fun to watch. we'll go farther next year!!
  1. damir
    Posts: 43

    Posted 05/07/2009 10:23 AM

    I agree with DHawes. It's more of a "lesser of eight evils" kind of thing.
    I am a fan of
  1. ChrisRozwod
    Posts: 28

    Posted 05/07/2009 12:37 PM

    I like the Magic. I'll root for them. I'll probably root for the Rockets too. Because now that we're not playing them, man oh man do I like that Aaron Brooks. Kobe is pretty fun to watch too if he's not playing us. Mavs/Lakers would be a better series than Mavs/ Rockets, but Rockets/East Team would probably be more fun. That said, it'll probably be Nuggets/Rockets or Lakers....I'm rambling, my bad.

    I guess Rockets and Magic is what I want. Lebron/Kobe would be good for the league it's a tough call.
  1. Kim~
    Posts: 1137

    Posted 05/07/2009 4:20 PM

    I don't care for any team left in the playoffs, I would say Atlanta, but it isn't going to happen.
    So I'm just enjoying the Fakers and Rockets trying to beat the cap out of each other.... please keep it up boys :) Go Blazers !!!!
    I am a fan of scrapping !
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