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  1. tickee
    Posts: 26

    Posted 12/19/2010 10:51 AM

     Heard they offered Batum and Przybilla for Iguodala and Philly didn't bite. My sense is they'll move Roy before they move Miller.

    -Ric Bucher

    what do you guys think about this? iggy to portland?..
    I am a fan of CP3 to PORTLAND!!!!
  1. blazersforlife234
    Posts: 347

    Posted 12/19/2010 11:12 AM

    I'm not so much surprised by that trade offer as I am by Rich Bucher saying that he thinks we'll move Roy before Miller. THAT would surprise me greatly.  As far as Iggy to come here, I'd be down, but like your quote says, Philly said no. I  still think we'll make a big move before the deadline in February
    I am a fan of winning.
  1. TJ31
    Posts: 190

    Posted 12/19/2010 11:41 AM

    Cap room wouldn't work out..   Throw in Elliot Williams and it would work also try a 1st round draft pick to see if they bite.
    I am a fan of
  1. Kassandra
    Posts: 466

    Posted 12/19/2010 1:45 PM

    what would we seriously gain by this trade? not really anything except for becoming deeper at the one positionn we're already deep at, and we'd be down to only one center for the rest of the season. even taking TJ's suggestion of throwing in Elliot, we'd still have to sign two free agent big men ... last time we did that, we ended up with Sean Marks. the pickens have become slim as far as those guys are concerned.

    also, it's likely we'll try and make a move by the end of the year, when Greg's trade exception expires.

    ~ Kassandra
    I am a fan of my team fighting to win each and every game.
  1. Herr
    Posts: 643

    Posted 12/19/2010 2:00 PM

    We have to sign a center in the next couple of days anyways.  We're able to since Oden is injured.

    Damn Philly didn't bite... I want Iggy!

    @Kass, if we traded Batum, we wouldn't be deep from that position.  If we picked up Iggy I would have a feeling that Roy would come off the bench,  WM would play SG or Iggy would play SG.  I say we still go for him.  I like the idea of having Iggy.  We badly need a star player and Iggy is a potential All-Star.
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  1. Kassandra
    Posts: 466

    Posted 12/19/2010 2:10 PM

    Herr: i'm talking about sg, not sf. Iggy is primarily a sg. we'd be adding one more to a position which is not a priority. this isn't about what would be best for the team; it's about making a trade just for the sake of making a trade.

    ~ Kassandra
    I am a fan of my team fighting to win each and every game.
  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
    Posts: 1669

    Posted 12/19/2010 4:39 PM


    C'mon man, you guys ever seen A.I. play? The dude is fo real
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. TayC
    Posts: 1804

    Posted 12/19/2010 4:43 PM

    Jeez Kassandra where have you been at? I have been trying to tell some of these people how good and how valuable nic is to this team, and you were no where in sight.

    I know you have faith in the frenchie.....

    However, keep in mind Iggy played PF position all summer long in Fiba, they were undefeated, and Odom, ODOM was at C......
    Iggy could help. but i dont think it is worth either of these guys.
    @ Herr, you have WM  play SG and or Iggy, and roy off the bench, to me it looks like Roy would get bumped to PG and mostly everyone can agree on that not being what we want again.
    I am a fan of The Blazers ♂, the £-Train, and of course, The ¤ King. ™
  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 12/19/2010 4:49 PM

    Fair offer and I'm not so sure Philly will get anything higher in value. Not only is Batum a better fit for a guy like Turner and Holiday as he can hit an outside shot, but Przy is an expiring deal. This trade definitely makes us stronger in the short term, but that's a LOT of long-term salary we'd have on our books if we got Iggy. Roy, LA, Wes, and Iggy would all have 4+ year deals. Also, another question we have to ask is, "Will this move get us out of the 1st round?" My answer is no. Pass.
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  1. Herr
    Posts: 643

    Posted 12/19/2010 5:18 PM

    Hmm, I thought Iggy played SF?  I wouldn't mind keeping WM at SF,  and trading Rudy as well.
    I am a fan of
  1. TJ31
    Posts: 190

    Posted 12/19/2010 7:35 PM

    Yeah DHawes we still might not get out of the first round but at least we'd get there
    I am a fan of
  1. I''m OUT!
    I''m OUT!
    Posts: 1059

    Posted 12/19/2010 7:46 PM

    Iguadala plays a lot of SG and SF. If we did get him I'd rather him play sf and wes play sg

    But seriously, Iguadala is a good player, but not a great shooter and I don't think he will help make us much better at all on offense, which is our biggest problem right now. Especially with his contract. He is good on D though.
    I am a fan of comcast and the blazers making deals that keep screwing us over!! woot!
  1. Tremolay
    Posts: 3

    Posted 12/19/2010 9:17 PM

    I am a fan of the return of the Vanilla Gorilla!!!
  1. Alex Pierott
    Alex Pierott
    Posts: 46

    Posted 12/19/2010 9:59 PM

  1. cransford24
    Posts: 269

    Posted 12/20/2010 12:37 AM

    I dont think that A.I. is the best fit for us but we need to make some kind of move soon since we suck right now.  I do think he will help us a little bit but not as much as a big man who can score inside or a different pg. 
    I am a fan of the Blazers draft selections. Feels good to finally be able to say that
  1. kenny c.
    kenny c.
    Posts: 418

    Posted 12/20/2010 1:14 AM

    He attacks the rim, scores point's and puts the other teams into foul trouble. Call him a sg or sf or a whatever, he would have been a good pick up for the team for what we were offering.

    The idea of a "perfect" fit for this team needs to be thrown out the window until we decide what kind of team P.Allen want's to construct here. Right now there are to many things up in the air with Oden, Nate, Roy, Point is we don't really have a core to build around where the "perfect fit" could be conceived.

    What we do have a need for is someone who can entertain the fans enough to pay to come and watch. Fans are mostly entertained by players who can score. We need this and we have a big hole that Iggy could have filled.

    So All you people who nixed the idea of Iggy because of an abstract idea about perfection, wake up, we are almost the last team in the league in points scored,points in the paint and field goal % and you thought that the league was just biased against us because we live in a small market - well not true, we just don't generated any buzz because we are a boring low scoring team. Iggy could have been a step in the right direction.
    I am a fan of Winning
  1. Tiago Torigoe
    Tiago Torigoe
    Posts: 2

    Posted 12/20/2010 5:44 AM

    Where the hell did you guys get this Iggy idea? Oh, sorry, where the hell the front office got that idea, too?

    Batum is great, and... Iguodala? REALLY? Geez.

    If it's like that, let's go back to "Melo and CP3 trade talk" too, coz those utopia of getting superstars seems better for me than trading important pieces of our roster for the sake of a trade (a stupid one, just to say), for one medium player.

    Of course, that's my opinion (that Iggy is not a great, mabbe a good player, and etc), but even so, as some alrdy said... Why give Batum (ok, we have to give something), and Pryz (damn, we have no Centers in this team!!)??

    I have no beeter ideas, when I come out with one, mabbe I'll speak my mind, but THIS trade seems spectacularly stupid right now.
    I am a fan of whatever works.
  1. Posted 12/20/2010 8:24 AM

    Have we all for got Andre Miller is a guy we all say doesn't fit with the team! Andre Iguodala is a guy that has chemistry with Miller and he can make the crowd go nut. which is what this team thrives off of. if you ask me this is a GOOD trade. if needed to L.A can play center and Marks and Cunningham can com off the bench. we have many players to play post. They might no be good but their big bodys!
    I am a fan of the Portland Trailblazers
  1. Kraydayz
    Posts: 45

    Posted 12/20/2010 8:54 AM

    Here we go again, trading current players for players of the same skill. Come on we are not going to benefit from a trade right now!
    I am a fan of Let's Go Blazers!!!!!
  1. ripcity4life025
    Posts: 87

    Posted 12/20/2010 2:42 PM

    Iggy right now is a HUGE step over Nic and he's only 26.  the only thing Nic is better at Iggy is shooting 3's thats about it.
    I am a fan of YEAH BUDDY!
  1. TayC
    Posts: 1804

    Posted 12/20/2010 3:54 PM

    Posted By Herr on 12/19/2010 5:18 PM
    Hmm, I thought Iggy played SF?  I wouldn't mind keeping WM at SF,  and trading Rudy as well.

    I mean matthews is coming off strong, but i have to agree with Tom on this one, If Iggy were to come here, then SF is where i would like to see him.
    But like Ive said before, i dont think Iguodala is worth losing Batum.
    If people think he isnt doing that good, trading him isnt going to make him any better ( well with this teams luck and the progress Bayless has made, maybe.)
    Batum has chemistry with these players, Chemistry is something that we are clearly lacking right now.
    Look at all the new people we have brought in this year, Armon, Babbit, Marks, Mills, Oberto, that is a GANG of people to have thrown in a line up with successful expectations.

    However, Since i strongly believe Nate isnt going anywhere, i think Andre has to due to the opposite types of game they want to play.
    We know Dre is better in transition, he likes a running team, and what we can gather from nate, standing around and iso is ideal for him.
    Andre is making alot of news latley, granted its not positive, but teams from around the league may start to remember him, although a 34 year old player with a temper like a 5 year old doesnt look promising, we gotta give it out best shot.
    Take what you can get with
    Miller + Fernandez + a pick or the hornet pick....
    or Miller + Fernandez
    Miller + pick...

    I am a fan of The Blazers ♂, the £-Train, and of course, The ¤ King. ™
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