Pat Stacks - finding his feet again.
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  1. B-Lazer
    Posts: 37

    Posted 12/16/2010 5:28 AM

    Just some thoughts on the aussie pocket rocket.

    I feel Patty Mills is starting to get more of a feel for the offense in the last 2 games. Today, against dallas he was +9, with three great assists. His shooting on the other hand, wasn't that spectacular, however, with more playing time i believe he will start drilling them in.

    Previously people were noting that the offense seemed to stall a little when Patty entered the game. Today it was a different story. He helped close the gap in small increments, as well as maintain the gap for the most part. I believe the PT is really putting him in good stead. When his defence improves and he starts drilling those 3's, he will really start to be a solid contributor.

    What are your thoughts on his contribution in the last week or so?

    I am a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers.
  1. Kim~
    Posts: 1137

    Posted 12/16/2010 9:08 AM

    I still get the same knot in my stomach when Mills comes in that Chacho gave me. But Nic did make Mills look good last night. :)
    I am a fan of scrapping !
  1. RedRudy5
    Posts: 135

    Posted 12/16/2010 10:42 AM

    I think he has looked good- brings come energy off the bench for sure!
    I am a fan of Turning this season around! Time to show some pride!!
  1. Justin.Molter
    Posts: 53

    Posted 12/16/2010 10:55 AM

    Patty is great, he brings a lot of energy to the floor when he enters the game and I love it! He is a great team player, but lets remember he is a young player just like Batum and some of the others. In my opinion these younger players still have some developing to do in the NBA and have the opportunity to turn into something great. I am excited to see what some experience does to these players.
    I am a fan of
  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 12/16/2010 11:20 AM

    Posted By Kim~ on 12/16/2010 9:08 AM
    I still get the same knot in my stomach when Mills comes in that Chacho gave me. But Nic did make Mills look good last night. :)
    Come on Kim, give credit where credit's due..Pat Stacks played pretty good last night :D
    I am a fan of
  1. Kim~
    Posts: 1137

    Posted 12/16/2010 11:35 AM

    I'm trying to accept Mills role :) ,  but that gut feeling is just not there yet. I just don't believe he was put into the lineup for his skills, as much as AJ being a rookie, and Rex being gone.
    Again nothing personal, the accent is cute,  but Barea got by him a bit to easy and often for my liking.
    I am a fan of scrapping !
  1. Kingfisher
    Posts: 64

    Posted 12/16/2010 2:19 PM

    KIM is just a plain Patty hater.  KIM will happily promote how a particular player got by Patty, however on a different blog about Armon, she asked people not to "brow beat" if Armon got game time against the Suns and Nash happened to get by him - on the pretext that Armon is young and learning.  KIM loves her backhanded comments when Patty does well, but more often than not will just give him nothing.

    On another note:

    If the Blazers coaching staff decide to play up tempo basketball on the second unit, Patty is perfect for that role and he has shown in his previous limited minutes that he can bring other players into the game - like Nic and Rudy and LA as they have the skill sets that also suit a faster tempo game. Patty has zero issues with scoring with only inconsistant game time contributing to some streaky fg%, he see's the floor very well - (Even Nate was quoted as saying so and referred to Patty's high basketball IQ.) Skeptics have pointed at his "D", however he has been pretty servicable in that regard. I would say maybe give him a chance to make other teams worry about keeping up with Patty when he is at full flight, which would force opposing teams to go smaller just to keep up with his quick feet.

    As an Aussie, I have grown up watching Aboriginal Australians play Aussie Rules football only to be amazed at the X-factor that they have, speed and 360 degree awareness and unlimited amounts of freakish plays that they create or are involved in, (Youtube Cyrol Rioli, Andrew McLeod- Pattys Idol, or Lance Franklin as an example.) Patty is the first Aboriginal Australian to bring that intangible skill set to the NBA basketball court and already he has had quite a few highlight packages in his short amount of game time. Some Blazer fans don't want him and that's fine, he's only going to get better whether in Portland or somewhere else, at least his trade value will have increased, which should put a little crink in KIMMY'S smile...:} 
  1. Kim~
    Posts: 1137

    Posted 12/16/2010 2:57 PM

    I'm trying to accept Patty as the answer to back up pg. The difference in the slack I give is AJ, is that Patty is NOT a rookie.
    Part of the bigger problem, has nothing to do with Patty himself. I respect the national loyalty, but I have watched Nate do this for 4 years.
     If the same plan is in affect, Patty will be traded ( once PA gives his blessing), just like Jack,Chacho,Blake and Rex were. Staying the 3rd year is the curse, and I'm thinking Patty has reached that point ?
     Maybe I need beer googles to see it better :)
    I am a fan of scrapping !
  1. Bertram
    Posts: 803

    Posted 12/16/2010 3:45 PM

    We don't have the answer at PG at all. Bayless was our best bet and we traded him away. Now he's lighting it up in Toronto...barring they are a dookie team.
    I am a fan of B-Roy and LaMonster!
  1. B-Lazer
    Posts: 37

    Posted 12/16/2010 9:01 PM

    Props to you KIM for trying to accept mills' roll. Nothing wrong with what your gut feeling is, thats just how it is. I kinda disagree with you on the point about Patty NOT being a rookie. Patty really only played less than 30 minutes last year. By the first quarter of this year, Armon already clocked up more minutes than Patty ever did last year. So really, in terms of NBA game experience they're about equal now. But yes, technically he is not a rookie.

    In response to Bertram... i didn't really think Bayeless would be our best bet. Hes very streaky and was a score first point guard. We need a backup PG who will turn up everyday and be consistent. Bayless was not consistent - sometimes he would score 20 pts with a good fg%, next day he would be totally ineffective shooting 1 of 6 from the field with no assists. Also, the fact that he wasn't great at spreading the floor wouldn't help players like Rudy, Batum, Roy etc.

    I think Patty or Armon can be great backups. I feel Nates rotation is the only thing that is hurting their development.
    I am a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers.
  1. I''m OUT!
    I''m OUT!
    Posts: 1059

    Posted 12/16/2010 10:45 PM

    I think Patty is pretty much a rookie this year as well. What did he play last year? 5 minutes total?
    But really love is blind and Kim has a crush on AJ, so that explains it!! ha ha

    P.S. I think both guys have potential.
    I am a fan of comcast and the blazers making deals that keep screwing us over!! woot!
  1. Bertram
    Posts: 803

    Posted 12/17/2010 12:19 AM

    True that bayless has no consistency, but neither does patty or aj. The difference is Bayless is a threat to give you 20+ off the bench.
    I am a fan of B-Roy and LaMonster!
  1. B-Lazer
    Posts: 37

    Posted 12/17/2010 12:40 AM

    Good points. Time will tell if Pat and AJ can deliver.
    I am a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers.
  1. Kim~
    Posts: 1137

    Posted 12/17/2010 9:05 AM

    Exactly Tom, and I have always owned the fact that I am biased to players with length, like LA, Nic and AJ.
    Patty i sonly a rookie in Nates system, which I know I sound like a broken record, but its true.
    I am a fan of scrapping !
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