The Sky is falling the sky is falling! (The PG-13 thread)
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  1. Crim
    Posts: 398

    Posted 11/27/2010 11:20 AM

    Ok, I am sick of you whiny little ####$ saying this team is cursed, or saying "here we go again" or saying "I know what your thinking" or something similar that would otherwise help you victimize "our" collective situation as blazer fans (or staff/players) everytime something injury related pops up. Lifes trials and tribulations are what keep the general populace vastly different, a lot of us can narrow down our goals and dreams to similar things, but what we fear the most can change greatly from person to person.

    Learn to embrace the hardships that life brings, and accept that basketball is played by real people, and so real obstacles are going to pop up. Someone once said, it's what we do when times look the most bleak that defines us.

    Let you fear-mongerers go watch another episode of nostradamus effect.

    Pardon the rabble rabble.
    I am a fan of Not Feeding the Trolls.
  1. ClydeFrog
    Posts: 975

    Posted 11/27/2010 11:32 AM

    The "true" fans are here right now. I don't think bandwagon fans would be posting in boards about an 8-7 Trail Blazers teams with more injuries than any team has faced in recent memory.

    We are just frustrated that the team isn't consistent. Why on earth does the team put up 33 1st quarter points then only score 45 points throughout the final 3 quarters? I know NO's D is legit, but c'mon. I'm tired of the lack of offensive consistency. It seems like if we aren't hitting 3's, we can't score. We need more movement and would it kill anyone to let Batum run the show a bit? If all we are going to do is let him stand in the corner, waiting for the 3, then trade him elsewhere so he can at least play ball.

    /rant over
    I am a fan of Watching Elliot Williams Take Flight!
  1. Crim
    Posts: 398

    Posted 11/27/2010 11:54 AM

    Ya last nights game was hella frustrating.  Why does it seem like we are the worst team at defending the three. Our player's help defense but then always get lost, shouldn't it be obvious that other team's have scouted us for this and try to move the ball around and find the open 3? It feels like we're playing the playoff-suns every night and J-rich is ripping us a new one every night.
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  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 11/27/2010 12:10 PM

    Defense was not the problem last night.
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  1. BR7_Fan
    Posts: 399

    Posted 11/27/2010 12:24 PM

    I thought the D was pretty solid last night. Everything else wasen't clicking for them and hasen't been the last few games. Where and how we get points is now a bigger issue than our defense. Extremely low FG% especially down the stretch when we need buckets (the jump shot 4th quarters need to stop!). No consistant energy and effort at all. 

    On a night where the energy was suppose to be sky high, we got gassed and Monty has a 2-0 record on his old team. 
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  1. kenny c.
    kenny c.
    Posts: 418

    Posted 11/27/2010 12:56 PM

    Monty knows L.A. can't handle the double team and he didn't really care if Roy got 27,  because he knows we really don't have a consistent third scorer to worry about. He coached that game well. I think he exploited the weakness on our team, which is clearly seen by his double of L.a. In fact, if you want to know what is wrong with our team look at how we are exploited by the likes of the good coaches in this league. They all double L.a. and then they play the percentages with our other players. This isn't brain science it is pretty much a formula. We are just missing some of the ingredients to counteract the formula.
    We are 8/7 and this is a worry when we lose at home against all of the contenders who know whats up with our weaknesses. I MEAN THIS TEAM AND OUR WEAKNESSES AREN'T A TABULA RASA EVERY GAME. We can't act like other teams don't read the scouting reports and create a plan to highlight our problems.
    This team is not cursed because there is no such thing as curses and the sky isn't falling, but what we are is struggling with the same problems that haven't been addressed.
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  1. daddylogan
    Posts: 188

    Posted 11/27/2010 1:16 PM

    One quarter of offence will not win you an NBA game. For the most part we played average defence but we do need to defend the three better. It seems like every game our opposition is just nailing them over and over and over! Tough times right now. Give some time for chemistry to build and all will be fine. A win in NJ might be just the medicine we need :-)

    peace out,
  1. TayC
    Posts: 1804

    Posted 11/27/2010 5:33 PM

    It still doesnt change the fact that "it is happening again".
    We all know about trials and tribulations in life, but really how many times can someone mess up their knee? 
    And like why cant he take care of it?
    IT still doesnt change the fact that two years ago Oden was the only one with a knee injury, this year youve had 3 more not counting him, Joel , Jeff, and now Broy.
    Why? Whats the deal with Portland? Is there a general incline whenever people walk around causing pressure to build up and one day allow their knee to split?

    The Problems in Life can easily be answered, but for this team, now thats a different story.
    But thanks for yelling at everyone.
    I am a fan of The Blazers ♂, the £-Train, and of course, The ¤ King. ™
  1. BDawg
    Posts: 1593

    Posted 11/28/2010 2:37 PM

    Unfortunately, ball and player movement are not the problem.  Unfortunate because that would be a far easier fix.  The problem is this team is a jumpshooting team...without any jumpshooters.  The Blazers have NOTHING inside.  This teams best (only) post player?  Miller, the starting PG.  The most consistent shooter may be the starting PF, a position generally relied upon for points in the paint.  LACK OF POST PLAY IS THE PROBLEM.  Very simple. 

    Additionally, this team doesn't have players willing and able to take the ball to the rack strong off the dribble, attacking and breaking down defenses...drawing fouls and getting into the penalty late in the game.  Shooting free throws in the fourth would certainly help with the scoreboard.  Wes Matthews may be the only player capable, and that's not enough.

    HIGH PERCENTAGE SHOTS, or lack of, is the problem.  Offensively speaking, our Blazers are simply anemic.

    Defense?  Teams are going to continue to exploit Portland's zone.  The three ball is just the beginning.
    I am a fan of players that play with PASSION and PRIDE
  1. kenny c.
    kenny c.
    Posts: 418

    Posted 11/28/2010 2:51 PM

    Bdawg, I couldn't agree more! I have another post that basically says the same thing - so what do we do?
    I am a fan of Winning
  1. BDawg
    Posts: 1593

    Posted 11/28/2010 3:04 PM

    @kenny c.- all we can do is sit back and let Cho earn his paycheck, meanwhile supporting this team with the passion this fanbase is known for.
    I am a fan of players that play with PASSION and PRIDE
  1. kenny c.
    kenny c.
    Posts: 418

    Posted 11/29/2010 2:08 AM

    I will still be at games if we dip out of playoff contention just because I happen to love Basketball. If the blazers decide to rebuild I'll be there hoping the team does well. I loved this team for a long time and I won't stop now, also, I'm a little excited to see what happens with this group.
    I am a fan of Winning
  1. BDawg
    Posts: 1593

    Posted 11/29/2010 5:38 AM

    Posted By kenny c. on 11/29/2010 2:08 AM
    I will still be at games if we dip out of playoff contention just because I happen to love Basketball. If the blazers decide to rebuild I'll be there hoping the team does well. I loved this team for a long time and I won't stop now, also, I'm a little excited to see what happens with this group.
    Well said.  You'll have company.  I am looking forward to seeing what Cho is able to do here in Portland.  It may take some time, but I'm willing to wait.

    I am a fan of players that play with PASSION and PRIDE
  1. Kim~
    Posts: 1137

    Posted 11/29/2010 3:11 PM

    We've waited this long, why stop now  :)
    I am a fan of scrapping !
  1. Kim~
    Posts: 1137

    Posted 11/29/2010 7:37 PM

    Yes, I own that I am the Brett Farve of Blazer fans.  But until they make Blazer methadone, I will be around. Just not as much.
    The team knowing they needed a player only meeting is a good sign.

    Go Blazers !!!!
    I am a fan of scrapping !
  1. Bertram
    Posts: 803

    Posted 11/30/2010 12:00 AM

    Who I will curse are those that say "trade Brandon". GTFO with that ish. It's a little premature to judge a team based off 16 games, around 22 is when you really start seeing the identity of a team. But so far from the sample size we have now, I say we are a physical defensive team but offensively especially late in games we go away from what we do in the prior 2 1/2 quarters. It only gets better from here if our players realize what is happening and also the coaching staff.
    I am a fan of B-Roy and LaMonster!
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