Bum Knees, Bum Fans and a Bum GM...
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  1. Stumptown Fan
    Stumptown Fan
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    Posted 11/21/2010 12:19 PM

    I understand that we as fans have the right to criticize our team, but I have to say I'm disappointed by some of the things I read on the message boards lately. It's enough to have Canzano in town, but now it seems we have a trove of wanna-be's who have nothing good to say about the team. These people call themselves fans? Maybe its just the mentality of people today. Maybe its the economy. I don't know. But it just seems like negativity is spreading like a bad disease - or dare I say - like bum knees at One Center Court.

    Don't get me wrong. We should be discussing the effect that all of these injuries will have on our future. Likewise, we should be asking questions about the competency current training staff. Even the management (not necessarily current management, but the ones responsible for this mess) should be questioned.  My problem is that people are so quick to turn on Roy, who single-handedly led us out of the abyss that was the "jailblazer" era. Is Roy perfect? No. I understand criticizing him for wanting the ball more, for needing to learn how to play with Dre and to stop leaning on the "iso" play so much. I get it. I hold these opinions myself; but I can't understand how people can say we are better off without him or that we should trade him away like a 1977 Ford Pinto. On a side note, I sometimes wish my parents held onto their old Pinto. I would totally trick that thing out...

    Anyway, I agree with Larry Miller that Roy deserved a huge contract extension for his contributions to the franchise over the past few years. He not only led on the court, but he led off the court with his willingness to play ball with the fans and media. He truly became face of the franchise. However, I do think that Larry Miller was playing "spin doctor" when he made those statements about Roy's contract last week. Why? Because Kevin Pritchard isn't around for these so-called "fans" to turn on right now. You know. The ones who chanted "In KP We Trust" and "You've Been Pritchslapped" at any given opportunity; the same "fans"  now trashing Roy. The ones blaming Rich Cho and his "lack of transparency" for this mess. Mark my word, these fans would have turned on Pritchard like Greg Oden's ankle after returning from his second Microfracture surgery. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

    All jokes aside, KP made some serious mistakes as GM. Should he have signed Roy to a max deal? Yes. But he should have left the organization with more wiggle room in that final contract year. Period. Pritchard made many mistakes while he was GM and I can only imagine that the Roy contract was one of the mistakes that lost him his job. Reguardless, we have no control over this mess - nor does Brandon, Kevin Pritchard, or the new management - so we all should stop looking for someone to blame and try to support our team. That's what fans do and that's what the team needs right now. That's what Brandon needs. What Greg needs. Life as a Trailblazer fan requires heart... So battle...
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  1. TayC
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    Posted 11/21/2010 1:03 PM

    Roy should not of played in the playoffs last year.
    I feel like the Team was so desperate to win, and lacking offensive power they forced him back into the game.
    Yeah im sure Roy said he was fine, but after 8 days and 2 liters worth of Morphine im sure anyone would feel "okay"
    Even Barkley said it the other day, talking about how unwise a decision that was, and now its coming back to haunt this team this year.

    But honestly you have to look at it, idk like an adult, When the team loses an gets beat by teams that we should be blowing by, the team is to blame, the players are to blame, the coach is to blame.
    I mean who do you hold responsible for this team, if not those ^?
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  1. teresa galer
    teresa galer
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    Posted 11/21/2010 1:06 PM

    ty stumptown fan for posting this.  I am so behind you.  I have my questions too regarding the items you have mentioned above but I will never trash a player or the organization. you are one hundred percent we need to as fans back this team and support them.  your right do battle...I think there are bright days ahead it is called patience and time.  this is a long long season and the blazers for one thing had a very very tough start to the season with a very demanding start.  i cannot remember a more crazier start on long road trips and as many back to backs...your right roy brought us out of the jailblazer era.  he is part of the reason im back as a fan.  I totally left during that time. i had no idea who was on the team didn't care. i was embarrassed and felt very disrespected as a fan and felt like during that era I had been slapped in the face by players who had no respect for the fans or this city...i thought why put my hard earned money into a team such as this.  before the jailblazers i was an avid fan and loved the blazers thru thick and thin.  I think this group of young men are wonderful men off and on the court and I will support them not bash them.  I am hoping roy will be ok...if he never plays again I am ok with that as I want him to be healthy and no have major physical problems later in life.  I blew my knee out so I get the struggles with the knee and im learning as time goes on what I need to do keep it from getting worse.  I am experiencing some of the osteoarthritis but with things im doing for my knee it is better.  the injury i suffered was a torn acl and I never had it repaired as it was not bad tear and I did not play sports that required pivoting or jumping.  I know my knee swells gets stiff etc   i cannot imagine the punishment these guys knees take playing basketball...anyow my point is I want these guys to be ok and be healthy and if they can safely play the game without further injury then that is great.  I will not bash a player personally as I do not know them.  it bothers me what people say and do all because they are on the net.  come on we all have feelings here and these guys are human beings who do not deserve this.  yes you can comment on how bad they play and maybe try to figure that out that is part of being a sports fan.  i dont remmber in the old days people being so rude and their lack of manners.  now with the internet people from all over the world read what is posted.  do we want others who do not live here to think we are a bunch of a classless people that live here or think americans are who they are.  I want to proudly represent portland as having the best fans in the nba.  ty for posting this...im right behind you.  i loved kp too and I do agree he made mistakes...who knows what ultimately cost him his job we will never know and frankly it is none of my business.  ithnk people have the right to certain amount of privacy in their lives. hard to do that now a days with instant everything and living in a fishbowl such as portland where this is the big deal in town and the only major sports pro team in town(I know we have msl coming int he spring but that team has not started yet ...so it does not count yet).
    have a great day everyone...
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  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
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    Posted 11/22/2010 4:31 PM

    If you're reffering to folks who call into the radio shows just to start talking trash about the Blazers, it's called free long distance minutes. Guarantee you a lotta those calls are from So Cal.

    Again, on the Trailblazers Facebook page, a buncha' people leave really mean comments about the Blazers sometimes. But if you click on their page, guess what? They live in like Santa Maria Juan Pueblo, California or something.
    Yup, you guessed it, Laker fans.

    It's perfectly fine to contradict happenings on the Blazer squad. But when people call members of this team bad names and stuff, they're obviously not Blazer fans at all.
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. Herr
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    Posted 11/22/2010 4:39 PM

    Here's my story.  I started watching the Blazers, and saw the uprising go on and on and on.  Now we're on a level where we're not the underdogs.  We're on the level where losing a game because we're still young and making sloppy mistakes isn't okay.

    The Blazers need to make the next step, and if some of us hardcore fans that talk about the Blazers more than anything else in conversations want to see us take the next step.  I say great things about the Blazers, and commend them, but I'm not going to lie and say "LAMARCUS IS AWESOME!" or something if he's struggling.  I'm not going to take pathetic play as a "oh whatever, we'll win next time!".  I want to see this team succeed, and I'm going to speak my mind as a fan and customer of the Blazers on how they can improve their service.

    No way should this team have lost to Chicago or OKC TWICE.  This team is much better than those two teams.  In OKC, we got biased calls against us.  But in Portland against OKC we gave up against them.  How pathetic was that game?  Now we look like they have our number (they don't), and we look like we have troubles against Chicago, which we don't.

    Point is, I expect effort from every player every night.  One player not being there can be the difference between a win or a loss.  These players get paid lots of money while some of us a struggling to even eat a decent meal a day, and sitting on the court isn't going to please me.  The days of "Oh the Blazers are young" are over.  This is a new level, and they are expected to perform as a playoff team and contender, otherwise these players will be in their 30's before we ever see the second round.
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  1. Tobyus Sanchezo
    Tobyus Sanchezo
    Posts: 1669

    Posted 11/22/2010 4:42 PM

    We shoulda kept Bayless
    I am a fan of multiple All-Stars on the Blazers roster this season!
  1. teresa galer
    teresa galer
    Posts: 50

    Posted 11/22/2010 5:39 PM

    i agree the posts that are bad are on fb and oregonlive.  probably laker fans or such who knows...i think the schedule has been tough and with all the things that have happened they now have a chance to regroup. i expect a hundred percent effort every game but sometimes it does not happen and i agree for the reasons suggested they are paid well to produce while some of us struggle to make ends meet etc.  especially now with our economy still in the tank....anyhow hopefully we can move on without greg and hopefully he makes that effort he does not then we need to rebuild around another player. 

    i am still an avid fan and will support the team...glad others feel the same as me.  not ok to attack these guys personally call them names i can't repeat here.  i dont get it we do not know these guys...we know what they do on the court but that is it...

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  1. Kraydayz
    Posts: 45

    Posted 11/22/2010 6:12 PM

    I agree with ya mang! I am behind the team 100%, but there are times when everyone blows off a little steam. Even with Brandon's knees, Greg's knees, and everything that could of gone on, we still have a solid team with a great foundation in LA, Matthews, Batum, Pryz, Rudy, Miller, Camby, the list goes on. Brandon has been a great face for this team and has "led us out of the abyss that was the "jailblazer" era". Great line by the way! He earned every bit of that contract in my eyes. As far as Greg goes, just staying here in Portland, staying healthy, and playing basketball will do just fine for me. As fans we are all gonna have our moments, but deep down we know we love our Blazers, and we will keep supporting them, no matter what!
    I am a fan of Let's Go Blazers!!!!!
  1. TayC
    Posts: 1804

    Posted 11/23/2010 4:41 PM

    I think OKC is a way better team than us, that is why they won.
    I mean look at their players, they are evolving, Russel Westbrook, some of the tasks he has accomplished this year. The 10+ rebound game, Upsetting the Celtics with out Durant. Their team has some extremely dangerous chemistry right now, to say that The Blazers are a better team this year, is just totally untrue im sorry.
    And Chicago? the same case. They play more like a team than we do. They dont have Big Greg Oden Anchors weighing them down. 
    And now our superstar goes down, Roy, who knows how long this injury will stay with him.
    This team is not going in the right direction, and i think that ignoring the signs, and the facts, and always living in the past, is not going to help.
    What will help is to go to games, i mean there was another sellout the other night, thats great.!
    Thats what you need, support, need to search for some players that can actually help this team.
    Stop adopting rookie children who arent going to help. The answers to the problems this team has are directly out in front of them, as to why they choose not to pursue them, i cannot say for sure.
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  1. blazerdarren77
    Posts: 216

    Posted 11/27/2010 11:57 PM

    We're paying our hard earned money to see these guys perform. As fans we want to see a good product performed on the floor. Win or lose, we just want to see a full team effort that plays hard night in and night out.
    I am a fan of THE ROSE GARDEN FOREVER!!!
  1. freddead
    Posts: 321

    Posted 11/28/2010 1:50 AM

    Posted By Tobyus Sanchezo on 11/22/2010 4:42 PM
    We shoulda kept Bayless

    armons already better passer then bayless and a better defender and hes not bad and getting to the cup the only thing bayless has on armon was bayless was fearless and he could fly but other then that armon is superior
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  1. mario250775
    Posts: 197

    Posted 11/28/2010 12:06 PM

      Posted By Herr on 11/22/2010 4:39 PM 

    Point is, I expect effort from every player every night.  One player not being there can be the difference between a win or a loss.  These players get paid lots of money while some of us a struggling to even eat a decent meal a day, and sitting on the court isn't going to please me.  The days of "Oh the Blazers are young" are over.  This is a new level, and they are expected to perform as a playoff team and contender, otherwise these players will be in their 30's before we ever see the second round.

    I agree with You in 99% and something else:

    - Nate coaching PTB for 5 years and building this team with GM and Owner of course but most responsibility for result is on players and coach 

    - You can win, You can lose but You have to play on 100% 

    I don't agree that Bayless was our chance, I like his style and passion but Armon can play at this level maybe next year. I don't think that coach and GM traded Bayless without  following player. 

    and now I am waiting for win with NETS 

    GO BLAZERS !!!

    I am a fan of Portland Trail Blazers, RIP CITY !!!
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