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  1. Antony Copland
    Antony Copland
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    Posted 11/18/2010 3:21 PM

    Aloha Rip City, it's been a couple days since I've been on, had to wipe out my entire computer.  I read about Greg getting season-ending surgery (again) and thought I'd talk about it.

    I also want to share with you an article from by Sekou Smith:
    "NBA Hangtime Blog"

        Earlier this month, the Blazers and Oden didn't reach an agreement to give Oden an extension to his rookie contract, making him the first since Kwame Brown to not get an extension from said contract (as I also mentioned in a thread a while back).  Now, he is out for the season to undergo microfracture surgery.  Now for him to say Portland should give up on their Center and move on, I wouldn't do that.  Sure the man has only played in an accumulated 82 games throughout his whole career so far, but when he recovers from the surgery, who knows what he can accomplish.  I'm not going to say he'll be the next David Robinson, or a Michael Olowakandi (please tell me if I totallly botched spelling his last name) but G.O has potential. 

    That's not to say that Portland could trade Oden, and being a number one pick, I'm sure somebody could pick him up.  I actually think that he'd be good in Memphis alongside Zeebo (or STAT-Bo as he's now apparently known) and Marc Gasol. Both those guys would help contribute to the bigman's career, they could teach Oden how to be aggressive in the key, and with his body, Oden could become a box-out machine.  It'd also let Zeebo play Power Forward, as I think he's a better PF than a Center.

    Who else might benefit from a healthy Oden?

    Us.  While we do have plenty of Centers, especially with Pryzbilla said to be coming back soon, Oden would be a good guy to come up off the bench in clutch situations, getting a key rebound, or a block in the paint.  While I don't see him getting any starting time after all these injuries, taking over for LaMarcus at the ends of quarters, and letting LMA be the Power Foward (as his perimeter game is becoming solid) that could definitely give the Blazers some more depth in the paint on defense.  Not to mention with veteran Center's of Camby and Pryzbilla, they could definitely toughen him up.

    So what do you think Blazer Nation, what do you want to see happen with Greg?
    Trade him?
    Keep him?
    Do you think he can contribute to the team even with the depth of Centers that we already have on the roster?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts, and enjoy the game tonight.

    I am a fan of Cambus taking a team to the finals after another lockout.
  1. TayC
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    Posted 11/18/2010 3:50 PM

    What i can tell you is, that Greg Oden has already healed from surgeries, and he ended up becoming injured again. So they tried to fix this new injury, and the old on pops up again.
    Oden is a BEAST of a player, we all know that he can rock the NBA with ease, The names you mention, Admiral, Olowakandi, he would fit right amongst them.
    But Oden is too consistent, he is too consistently injured.
    Regardless of being a number 1 pick, he is too injury prone to be worth any value. Kevin Durant has showed the world that he himself should of been the number one pick, Oden has nothing to compete against that, except a large medical bill.

    Now look at his injuries, and the amount of time they have stuck with him. This shows that he is irresponsible, he cant take care of himself.
    Now if you would like to dispute that fact, then there is only one alternative to why he is injury prone.
    And i like to call this the Yao Ming Syndrome.
    Yao is HUGE, he is too big. People are not supposed to be that big, and what proves that statement is how hurt his body is. This guy cant catch a break, always something, latley his foot has been the problem, the guy only wears a Continental size shoe. His bones are honestly too big.
    Another name that falls into this category is my man Andrew Bynumn. Drew has been playing with the lakers for some time now, and the one thing that he has excelled in is, keeping the medical staff busy.
    Oden may suffer from this same syndrome, and yes it is unfortunate and you may feel bad for the guy.
    But being sad, and depressed about this situation is not going to help the team move forward.

    MY opinion on what to do with him.
    You sit him down and you talk to him, and you say " Look buddy, you and i both know how good you can be at this game. We both know that this team, and this city want you to come back. But do you want to play? Do you want to be apart of this team?"
    You judge his answer and present your solution, if he sincerely wishes to stay, you come up with an agreement where he will not be paid in full, unless he plays in full. Promise him the second half of his salary after he plays or after the season, set regulations for him on and off the court, if you have to treat him like a kid, a baby.

    If he no longer thinks he can do it, says that he cant make any promises.
    Then i dont think a trade is going to benefit this team anymore than keeping him on the roster, his worth might not be worth anything. Unless the the deal of the century presents itself and a team wants to go out and gamble on him, check the prospects being offered and make a decision.
    I am a fan of The Blazers ♂, the £-Train, and of course, The ¤ King. ™
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