Playoff predictions for fun
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  1. Fallen_Deity
    Posts: 440

    Posted 09/10/2010 7:16 PM

    How do you see the East and West playoffs coming down to? Is it going to be close like last year or more concrete?

    1. Lakers
    2. Dallas
    3. Portland
    4. OKC
    5. San Antonio
    6. Utah
    7. Denver/Phoenix* (Barring Melo trade)
    8. Phoenix/Clippers*

    1. Miami
    2. Orlando
    3. Boston
    4. Chicago
    5. Atlanta
    6. Charlotte
    7. New Jersey
    8. Cleveland

    Going out on a limb with the Clips, NJ, and Cavs but something just tells me that the Clippers might be contenders this year, also NJ has a young fairly talented core and their new owner isn't afriad to spend so they might sneak up (coming from the worst to the playoffs is huge i know but what fun are predictions if you dont take a risk).
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  1. Brandon Weinant
    Brandon Weinant
    Posts: 109

    Posted 09/10/2010 7:44 PM

    1. Orlando
    2. Chicago
    3. Miami
    4. Boston
    5. Milwaukee
    6. Atlanta
    7. New York
    8. New Jersey

    without the cavs dominating the regular season, orlando will take the top seed. even if they arn't the best team in the east. they'll have the best regular season.
    chicago finnally got rose some help in boozer they'll take the 2 seed.
    Miami will have its issues. they'll win games no doubt though.
    Boston will take the 4th seed staying injury free and get into the playoffs just like last year.
    Milwaukee will have bogut back and they'll take the 5th seed.
    i kind of want to say Atlanta will fall out of the playoffs this year but.. cant figure out who'd take their place..
    New york can score. they'll make the playoffs in the east.
    New jersey. i think Avery Johnson will get them playing defence and that will get them in the playoffs.

    1. Lakers
    2. Utah
    3. Dallas
    4. Portland
    5. Houston
    6. OKC
    7. San Antonio
    8. Denver

    Lakers - Champs until someone else proves they deserve the top seed its theirs.
    Utah- Al jefferson is going to have a monster year. he finnally has a all star point guard to get him the ball. with Slone as the coach. he'll have a great year.
    Dallas - i dont know if i see a drop off for them or not. but they're consistant so i have to put them here.
    Portland - i want to put them higher because well its the blazers... but until they can get on the floor together and stay there... i just cant...
    Houston - Yao is back, he'll return to form and get them back into the playoffs.
    OKC - they'll be improved because durant will be better at being "the man" he'll make his teamates better with passing. but they're not going to be imrpoved like the media says until they get a big man.
    San Antonio - until they dont make it, they're here. period
    Denver - as much as i hate to say it. billups shouldn't have played in the worlds this year. hes going to be running on fumes come the end of the season. if not get injured.
    I am a fan of defence.
  1. FamousRoy
    Posts: 144

    Posted 09/10/2010 8:03 PM

    Sorry dude; I don't see the Blazers getting more wins than OKC.  It's possible, though.  Also, you forgot the Rockets.
    I am a fan of Defending the Rose Garden against the Lakers!
  1. LAS11291
    Posts: 175

    Posted 09/10/2010 9:22 PM

    @FamousRoy: Dude, last season; OKC 50 wins w/ healthy roster, Portland 50 wins w/ a injured roster.
    Outside of Westbrook & Durant, they have nothing.
    1. Miami
    2. Orlando
    3. Boston
    4. Chicago
    5. Atlanta/Milwaukee (barring Crawford trade)
    6. Milwaukee/Atlanta (barring Crawford trade)
    7. Charlotte
    8. New York

    1. Los Angeles Lakers
    2. Portland
    3. Dallas
    4. Utah
    5. Oklahoma City
    6. San Antonio
    7. Houston
    8. Phoenix
    This is assuming the Nuggets trade C.Anthony,  otherwise I give them the 5th Seed.
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  1. TJ31
    Posts: 190

    Posted 09/11/2010 6:38 AM

    1. Miami
    2. Orlando
    3. Chicago
    4. Milwuakee
    5. Boston
    6. Atlanta
    7. New York
    8. Charlotte

    1. Lakers
    2. Blazers
    3. Mavericks
    4. Oklahoma City
    5. San Antonio
    6. Utah
    7. Denver (even without trading Melo)
    8. Houston

    Miami over Charlotte in 4
    Orlando over New York in 4
    Chicago over Atlanta in 7
    Boston over Milwuakee in 6

    LA over Houston in 5
    Portland over Denver in 6
    Mavs over Utah in 5
    Oklahoma City over San Antonio in 5

    Miami over Boston in 5
    Orlando in Chicago in 6

    Oklahoma City over Los Angeles in 7
    Portland over Mavericks in 7

    Orlando over Miami in 7

    Porland over Oklahoma City in 7

    Orlando over Portland in 6
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  1. blazersforlife234
    Posts: 347

    Posted 09/11/2010 2:25 PM

    I think its too early to tell because, like with the Blazers, health can be the biggest factor in a season. I think though with everyone healthy the Blazers could finish up to second in the west, and possibly reach the finals this year. If I had to make standings for the end of the year next year, i would say:

    1. Lakers
    2. Blazers
    3. Thunder
    4. Mavericks
    5. Rockets
    6. Spurs
    7. Hornets
    8. Jazz

    I think that Melo will be traded, so the Nuggets will fall out of the playoff picture. Sacramento, Clippers, and Suns will be close but I think will be on the outside looking in.

    1. Heat
    2. Magic
    3. Bucks
    4. Celtics
    5. Bulls
    6. Hawks
    7. Knicks
    8. 76'ers

    Mark my words, I think the Bucks will be a very good team this year and contend for the Eastern Conference Finals. They had a very fun and good team last year, and will be a dangerous team next year

    I am a fan of winning.
  1. Lenwen76
    Posts: 119

    Posted 09/11/2010 7:59 PM

    This is my Western Confrence Playoff prediction.
    With the Mavericks and Blazers making a strong push for this position.

    With the Blazers making as strong a push for this position as the Mav's I just think they will get 1 more win over Portland for a possible tie breaker.

    I can see Portland pushing both the Lakers and the Mavericks this year for both 1st and 2nd position, tho Portland will need Oden to be both healthy and productive for this to happen

    I see them as a darkhorse, in my honest opinion they will round out the top 4. This is my darkhorse team for a possible WCF's appearance this year. (obviously outside of a Blazer WCF's appearence.)

    This is as high as I see the thunder as the other teams above them are truly the elite of the Western Confrence, I just do not see them being a top 4 contender out west with out an inside presence

    I see what the Front Office is doing to placate thier Superstar and I see a strong year from them this year

    I feel as long as Duncan and Tony are healthy, they are truly a playoff team, tho with out Gin being healthy and productive they are simply not one of the elite teams anymore.

    If Yao is healthy they may even get as high as the 5th seed moving everyone on the list down 1 peg, however that is a huge huge what if, with out Yao I still see Houston as a playoff team out west.
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  1. LAS11291
    Posts: 175

    Posted 09/11/2010 10:01 PM

    @Lenwen76: I like your TOP 4 seedings my friend! Nicely put, I feel the EXACT same way!
    I am a fan of you checking your email because Elliot Williams is sending you a message!
  1. Lenwen76
    Posts: 119

    Posted 09/12/2010 8:04 AM

    Posted By LAS11291 on 09/11/2010 10:01 PM
    @Lenwen76: I like your TOP 4 seedings my friend! Nicely put, I feel the EXACT same way!

    Thank you . hehe
    I am a fan of rip city pdx 4 life.
  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 09/15/2010 11:41 AM

    I still think I'll reserve my judgment on the Trail Blazers until Opening Night. There is a lot of time between now and then which could shake up the roster.

    But in the East-
    7- Charlotte
    8- New York
    I am a fan of
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