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  1. Hopman27
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    Posted 08/14/2010 11:54 PM

    I wrote something similar to this, which was on the topic of LaMarcus Aldridge. But anyways...

    So, this has kind have been buggin' me.  This is more of a question rather than an argument, but it's still both.

    So can someone please tell me, WHAT in this world makes Andrew Bynum better than Oden.  Seriously.  I'll provide a link that really just fired me up to write this.  Good thing B-Roy was in that article, but still...

    And a little off topic, I love the NBA 2K game series.  Great game.  But there are some things I question about it.  To begin, Oden is one of those "2K Players", players who... how should I say this... get more attention from 2K Sports.  With that said, you'd think they'd be nice to his player and give him nice ratings.  Nothing wrong with his rating, but compared to Bynum...
    Oden has a low durability rating(chances of getting injured), which I find understandable.  But Bynum has a pretty high rating for durability... doesn't make sense.  Also, the part that upsets me most, is the Potential rating.  Bynum has a higher rating than Oden on that area...
    Makes sense?  I don't think so.

    Back on topic, what makes Bynum more valued than Oden?  Is it really because Oden was really hyped, and he was drafted after Durant?  What makes Bynum so special, anyways?  A lot of people think Oden is a bust because they haven't seen him yet.  I haven't seen Bynum really play before, so is he really that special?  I haven't seen a highlight on YouTube where Bynum owns Oden. (Oden owned Bynum twice: a beastly block, and fancy footwork that got Bynum off his feet)

    So simply, the question is this: Why is Bynum preferred over Oden?

    So here's the article.  This website(BleacherReport) is where fans write there own article.  I'm aware that they are fans, and no "experts", but it still upsets me that people see more in Bynum than they do in Oden.

    And yes, this is probably a poorly written "argument" compared to my last post, and more of a rant.  Just gotta vent a little, guys.

    What do you guys think?  Do you guys have the answer to my question?  Are you just as confused and/or outraged?  Am I just going crazy(possibly)?
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  1. TJ31
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    Posted 08/15/2010 1:48 AM

    It's cuz he's on the Lakers.  If Oden had the same injuries but was with LA the whole country would be thinking he's the next Wilt
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  1. Hg
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    Posted 08/15/2010 4:26 AM

    You're going crazy LOL.

    No, I understand your point. If there is any comparison, it would come from the fact that they are both big bodied.
    We have not seen enough of Greg to know, but I think this is where the confusing rating comes from. Bynum has played more, he has had impact more then Greg in the play-offs. Nevertheless, Greg against Yao year before last in the final game was quite impressive even tho we lost the game and series. It proves that we are a much better team with him playing than we are without him. Bynum has played in more games then Greg so his durability would be rated higher. Other than that, It is because Bynum plays for the l*kers and that gives him a popularity rating that is confused with valuable. All though he is very important to the L*kers.

    It has been said on Barrett's blog by a poster named Kassandra that says the NBA all-Star game is nothing more then a popularity contest. Do you find truth in that? The answer to your question may be that Bynum is more popular then Greg, and that is the whole reason. In my book he definitely is not better in any way shape or form.

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  1. FamousRoy
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    Posted 08/15/2010 9:02 AM

    Oden obviously has more potential than Bynum, but Bynum's game is very effective; how he keeps the ball way over his head while he simply pivots towards the hoop.  He's a decent 7 footer.  But he's not as good as the games portray him.
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  1. Crim
    Posts: 398

    Posted 08/15/2010 12:45 PM

    back onto the off topic, i'm never buying a 2k basketball game again, i'm sick of their online gameplay being screwed up. Team Play works flawlessly on Madden 11, but for the past two years its been a huge waste of time most of the time in NBA 2k, and also that Create a Player and play him online function was buggy as hell as well. As much as I hate Nba live, i'm playing that game next season.
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  1. Alex
    Posts: 21

    Posted 08/15/2010 5:49 PM

    Its because in the game 2k, Players that are on team like Lakers, Boston, Orlando are over rated cause of how there team is doing. Dont get me wrong, i love 2k, and the blazers. But because Bynum is wit The lakers his rating are higher, which makes no sense what so ever
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  1. Alex
    Posts: 21

    Posted 08/15/2010 5:49 PM

    Its because in the game 2k, Players that are on team like Lakers, Boston, Orlando are over rated cause of how there team is doing. Dont get me wrong, i love 2k, and the blazers. But because Bynum is wit The lakers his rating are higher, which makes no sense what so ever
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  1. cransford24
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    Posted 08/15/2010 6:59 PM

    i am a fan of both the lakers and blazers and watched almost every single game the two teams played last year and there are really only two differences that make bynum better than oden one is that when he gets a rebound or a high pass instead of bringing the ball down and than making his move he keeps the ball high which makes him much quicker at scoring off of offensive rebounds which meens the d has less time to react and he scores before they even know it.  that is why he gets so many points off of offensive boards.  the second reason is that bynum has learned how to stay in the entire game without fouling out, greg has not.  Oden only plays like 25 minutes per game since he cant manage to stay in without fouling.  Other than that bynum is probably a slightly more consistant defensive player and is probably a slightly better passer.  But with all that said if you give oden maybe two more years with no injuries I think he can surpass bynum and become one of the more dominant centers in the nba.
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  1. Lenwen76
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    Posted 08/16/2010 1:04 AM

    cransord is right about the points he brings up ..

    Bynum has been taught by Kareem (for the past 4 years now) how to keep the ball up high ..

    Bynum was also taught how to foul less in games by Kareem ..

    We do not have anyone to teach the same to Oden, so he has to learn by trial by fire ..

    Given it takes the bigs in the NBA at least on average of 2-4 years playing time to learn their NBA games .. its going to take Oden at least another 2 years of solid on court time to learn his ..

    But once he does .. Watch out ..
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  1. Brandon Weinant
    Brandon Weinant
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    Posted 08/16/2010 8:43 AM

    many people before kassandra have said the allstar game is an popularity contest.

    sure the starters are by popular vote.

    HOWEVER. the reserves that the coaches pick are not popularity picks.
    if that was the case gerald wallace would never have made it.
    nor would have chris kaman. or david lee.
    shaq is more popular than both of those players as a big.


    as far as oden vs bynum. bynum has played more games = better durability.
    dont have the game nor do i see myself getting it.

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  1. Crim
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    Posted 08/16/2010 10:54 AM

    Am i the only one that thought Team play was garbage in the last two seasons of NBA2k? I wanna talk about this! lol
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