Expectations for this year
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  1. truebluefan
    Posts: 55

    Posted 07/13/2010 1:20 PM

    Last year the blazers lost so many players to injury (I know no one wants me to rehash them all) yet we still won 50 games. If we stay healthy and with another year of maturity under our belts what is everyone's predictions for the year. Mine: 55+ & a division title, and at least a long series in the second round, The reason i say that is the fact that they are more mature and the teams ahead of them (Jazz, Nuggs, Suns, Spurs) have gotten older and/or weaker. Teams like the Mavs, and Thunder have improved and still worry me. Is all this enough to push them past teams like the Lakers?
  1. Bertram
    Posts: 803

    Posted 07/13/2010 1:22 PM

    My expectations for next year and all other years from here on out in the Brandon Roy Blazers era is a championship. Enough said. No more of this "I'm expecting to get to the second round" bull crap. It's championship time.
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  1. truebluefan
    Posts: 55

    Posted 07/13/2010 1:29 PM

    You need to be realistic, this is a marathon not a sprint. this team has not had all its parts play together, that is why i said a healthy team. They will need time to gel.
  1. Holmsey
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    Posted 07/13/2010 2:25 PM

    This team needs to have higher expectations than the 2nd round. If we suffer through even half of the injuries that we did last year there will be no excuse for being in the Western Conference Finals. The Suns made it last year and I am positive that we are a much younger, faster and better team. Rudy needs to go. The last thing our young talent needs around them is a choker! They need to be blissfully unaware how big a stage they are playing on and Rudy has no place there. Let's be honest, the more talent we acquire the less he fits with this team. The roster is getting to a max and we might even be able to get more than we think for him. Oh yeah, a GM to be able to facilitate some of these moves would be nice. If KP was that wrong for the job, why is it taking so long to replace him. He was fired without style, grace or respect. Fortunately, I believe this young roster can overcome that. However, Blazer fans beware of our front office getting in our own way. The people making decisions right now are not qualified, sorry guys, but your not. We will probably get stuck over paying for a second year back up........really, I know we love to stick it to the Jazz any chance we get but come on. Unless this is some sort of preemptive move to something bigger I just don't get it.  
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  1. truebluefan
    Posts: 55

    Posted 07/13/2010 2:43 PM

    Point taken WCF is a good goal but if they do not make it it does not mean a failed season, a no playoff or first round exit would be a step back. This team has made improvements every year. Granted with the west getting weaker and Portland stays healthy we could take a huge step forward and make a run to the WCF. Here is to them taking that huge step.
  1. ClydeFrog
    Posts: 975

    Posted 07/13/2010 3:03 PM

    The most attainable realistic goal should be to make it to the WCF. A division title and a 2nd round appearance would be sufficient, but with the West aging and getting weaker, we should start to put our stranglehold on the West this season! Of course this all depends on being healthy, but a full season of Camby, Oden, AND Batum should propel us to the upper-echelon in the West. If we can just protect home court, 60 wins should be attainable!
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  1. Bertram
    Posts: 803

    Posted 07/13/2010 5:35 PM

    That's what I mean, anything but a championship or finals appearance is consider a disappointment. The west is getting older and weaker and we are just getting stronger. I don't believe OKC is a better team than us and if we are healthy I don't think Dallas is a better team. Only team is the Lakers. If we're healthy I believe we can beat the Lakers, regardless of our inexperience in the WCF. I believe our Coach, our Superstar and our role players can push each other far enough to play hard and win. Excuses of "we're unexperienced so a 2nd round knock-out is fine," don't fly anymore. So I am being realistic with my thoughts.

    Need more?

    These are the top teams in the west as of right now in order. Lakers, Blazers, Thunder and the Mavs. Out of these 4 we can beat 2 of them in a 7 game series (3 if you count us beating ourselves mentally). We wouldn't probably only need to either face Dallas or OKC in the second round and win and face the Lakers in the WCF. That is a match up that has WAR written all over it. To sum it all up again, Lakers are our only speed bump outside of ourselves.
    I am a fan of B-Roy and LaMonster!
  1. bonjustin8
    Posts: 222

    Posted 07/13/2010 6:32 PM

    I agree with truebluefan that we should be realistic. I am a true blue Blazer fan (or red and black for that matter), but the franchise is still a work in progress and I believe that the team can't get past the second round. If everyone expects the team to get to the WCF or the finals itself, it might give the players added pressure to win and burden to have a ring. Case n point: look at how the Thunder went last season. They made it big, because ironically, no one expected them to win...
    I am a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers. Period.
  1. Bertram
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    Posted 07/14/2010 1:01 AM

    So you are saying the Dallas Mavericks are better than us? Or the Thunder?
    I am a fan of B-Roy and LaMonster!
  1. kenny c.
    kenny c.
    Posts: 418

    Posted 07/14/2010 1:51 AM

    What we know is that we don't really know how good we are at this point in the year. We know that we have some key pieces that make for a good team, possibly a team that can goo deep into the playoffs. Championships are hard to make actual, there are so many little things that have to be done. so many lose balls, turning points in games, momentum swings that need to be checked, timely shots dropped. Point is, yes players and good players need to be here and healthy, but it's the players playing to their highest potential that will give us the wins. It's the system that nate decides to use against the different teams he faces and it's about execution to a high degree of success. All this remains to be seen until the long and hard season shows it's nature. Every season has a inner nature of it's own and we as a team must see where we are in the course of things. Weird happenings take place every season, match up problems, that one team that gives you fits, slumps, etc. point is, we can't say, we can only hope in our team and Nate choosing the right system when the nature of the moment calls for that system. But all that said, on paper I agree with bertram, " We are our only speed bump outside of the lakers." Hopefully we can do the right thing a higher % of the time than the wrong, if we do, we should go deep.
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  1. bonjustin8
    Posts: 222

    Posted 07/14/2010 6:19 AM

    I am not saying anything about who is better than the Blazers. As I have said, the team is still a work in progress, just like any teams do. Anybody is optimistic about the team's future. My point is, if anyone is expecting a lot, it only gives the players a big burden and added heavy pressure to win games. I say, just keep cool and see what happens. I agree with what kenny is saying. It is still early in the season, and that "Every season has a inner nature of it's own and we as a team must see where we are in the course of things."
    I am a fan of the Portland Trail Blazers. Period.
  1. Kim~
    Posts: 1137

    Posted 07/14/2010 6:14 PM

    Set the bar high, western conference champions  !!  No excuses !!

    I am a fan of scrapping !
  1. Bertram
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    Posted 07/15/2010 12:33 AM

    That's how it should be. How'd that saying go? Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars...something like that.
    I am a fan of B-Roy and LaMonster!
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