Whats up with the FANS?
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  1. rmontee6175
    Posts: 26

    Posted 04/23/2010 12:01 PM

    SO what is the deal? Whats up PORTLAND??? WHY is it that, as I read through more and more statements, I get the feeling that more and more fans are admitting defeat!!!!
    That is NOT the PORTLAND I know and LOVE!!!
    THOSE are not the TRALIBLAZER fans I know and LOVE!!!
    2-1 is NOT the end of the world, we are still in this thing.
    SATURDAY may be the last chance we have to show the BLAZERS that they are, and always will be #1 in our hearts and our minds....
    We don't just JOIN the UPRISE!!!!!  WE ARE the UPRISE!!!!!
    I am a fan of Being a part of the best fans in the league.
  1. AnnaInTheHouse
    Posts: 39

    Posted 04/23/2010 12:47 PM

    Amen brother. PREACH IT!! true, game 3 was terrible (except for the late surge in the 4th) but we still have games 4, 5 and even 6 & 7 if needed to win this series!! Can't give up yet! Let's make it even louder in the RG tomorrow!!
    I am a fan of Bringin' the Blazers back!!
  1. DHawes22
    Posts: 6488

    Posted 04/23/2010 1:37 PM

    Have to disagree wholeheartedly. The fans were amazing last night. They were chanting at every opportunity, even with the game's result already over. They got noisy and stood when we cut the lead to 17! Let me ask you this, have you ever seen a crowd get so loud down 17 in the 4th? The fans were not the issue last night. I tip my hat to the Rose Garden fans, they definitely brought their A+ game on Thursday.
    I am a fan of
  1. Tehchickgamer
    Posts: 4

    Posted 04/23/2010 2:29 PM

    I definitely agree with Dhawes. Though It does disappoint me to see so many 100 level seats empty so early in the game. It's always the people who pay the most for their tickets that are the first abandon the team. =/
    I am a fan of Pendergraph's sexy ass!
  1. Posted 04/23/2010 2:49 PM

    Dhawes...I couldn't agree more! It looked like the heart of the JailBlazers on the court. When the team gave up...and as a TEAM, they did! It was pathetic...all of a sudden, out of no where and for no apparent reason, the RG got as loud as when B. Roy hit that 38 footer vs. Houston last year. Insane. I wondered after that if someone put something in the central air system...there was no reason for ANY crowd to get that lively all of a sudden when we were down by 17-29 points! IT WAS INSANITY...and for about 4 minutes. The Blazers heard every decibel and played their hearts out. Whatever ounce of effort that was displayed on the court last night was all influenced by the fans not giving in. I give very little credit to the 'superstars' on the court after that dismal performance.
    I am a fan of
  1. tujuhapril
    Posts: 2

    Posted 04/23/2010 4:18 PM

    Yes, that's right...2-1 isn't the end of it!! BLAZERS is a lot more than that... lets show 'em MORE SUPPORTS (prayers, too) they need the fans more than ever.. One for all, all for one: BLAZERS..!!!
  1. tujuhapril
    Posts: 2

    Posted 04/23/2010 4:18 PM

    Yes, that's right...2-1 isn't the end of it!! BLAZERS is a lot more than that... lets show 'em MORE SUPPORTS (prayers, too) they need the fans more than ever.. One for all, all for one: BLAZERS..!!!
  1. monk3ysuncl3
    Posts: 1

    Posted 04/23/2010 4:56 PM

    I just hope LA an Rudy an the rest of the Blazers aren't listenin' to the media these days... Man, are they givin' it to our Blazers. Sure, they haven't had very good games in the Playoffs, but I know I'm still with them. These guys KICK A$$!  Win or lose. 

    I hope maybe they read this and know that some of us can still appreciate them even if they struggle...even if they do lose (and no, I haven't given up the hope of a turnaround). 

    I mean, of course, it's cooler to win, but we need to remind the team that Portland's with them REGARDLESS! Don't diss our guys! C'mon Portland media/fans!!! Don't forget the *UNITED* bit!

    I am a fan of the Blazers. Win or Lose.
  1. rmontee6175
    Posts: 26

    Posted 04/23/2010 5:58 PM

    I, by no means feel like the RG was lacking at all. It makes me proud to hear the outstanding roar for no reason. I am sure that it makes the players feel good. I mean Jeff P. is so hyped up anyway that I am sure he feeds even more off of us. As, we feed off of them all. The guys rely on us more than we think. It was obvious on Thursday. Once the crowd got loose, the blazers got loose. It worked.... So the big question is...
    WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO OR BRING TO THE ROSE GARDEN ON SAT?  The RED shirt day was Thursday.... ANY IDEAS? Besides going for the "terrible towel", I know that we can make as big of a statement as the BLAZERS are going to make!!!!! SO lets hear it..... WHATS UP FOR GAME 4????????
    I am a fan of Being a part of the best fans in the league.
  1. PHXSUNS89
    Posts: 5

    Posted 04/23/2010 7:08 PM

    It's going to go from 2-1 to 4-1 before you know it.  BTW your fans were booing their own team!  I don't care how bad you play you don't boo your own team.  You guys just act like fans because there's nothing else to do up there in Portland.

    I am a fan of watching the blazers get rocked by the 2010 champion SUNS
  1. fantotheend
    Posts: 1

    Posted 04/23/2010 8:38 PM

    Note to PHXSUNS89 and all others uneducated to the way of the Rose Garden... Blazer fans don't boo their team.  What you heard was an outcry of support for Ruuuuuuudy and Batuuuuuuum!!!!  Go Blazers - we believe!
    I am a fan of the Blazers win or lose!
  1. Bertram
    Posts: 803

    Posted 04/24/2010 12:04 AM

    And if you here booing, it's towards the refs usually too. Oh by the way, I've been to Phoenix...yeah nothing to do there but roast. So don't go saying this town has nothing to do when you never been here, Phoenix is garbage and smells like garbage too.
    I am a fan of B-Roy and LaMonster!
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