TicketNet - A Powerful Social Marketing Engine

  • Quickly generate quality sales leads from your target market
  • Build active permission marketing lists to promote directly to those most interested in your product
  • Collect mobile phone information for text messaging initiatives and conduct large scale surveys
  • Increase per-capita revenue at games or events

Excess Ticket Inventory?

Leverage your fan's social networks by combining trust with incentive in a TicketNet promotion.

TicketNet works with FacebookSingle-click integration with Facebook!

Lean how it works!

Why TicketNet Works


TicketNet works because of its unique ability to combine trust with incentive.

Because the promotion is received from a trusted friend or associate it’s viewed more seriously. It’s not just another junk email or Facebook message. It gets read and not discarded.

It also works because of the viral component. Unlike a typical mass email blast, TicketNet is fueled by friends sending to friends. Because you are giving away something of real value (event tickets) as well as a grand prize offering, it provides the incentive to spark viral growth.

Entrants are able to monitor the growth of their networks online. By being able to see where they stand in the rankings they are encouraged to work harder to grow their network and fuel the promotion.


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