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  1. 04/21/09

    La Familia Glossary

    Written by trailblazers

    MSP Vernacular. La Familia Glossary of Terms. Get in the know about the Morning Sports Page on 95.5FM The Game with this easy to read glossary of terms. Just so you aren't so confused you drive off the road trying to figure things out. Continue Reading

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    1. RipCityRevival

      RipCityRevival posted on 07/10/09 at 10:13 AM / view full discussion

      Hey, if you're a fan of 95.5 The Game, be sure to check out the La Familia group! Let's put those Fan Listeners in their place! A little friendly competition.
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    1. RipCityRevival

      RipCityRevival posted on 05/04/09 at 12:04 PM / view full discussion

      What up Champ? Great show today. I actually agreed with Kamla today about Bibby. I think Bibby has an attitude that I wouldn't like in the Blazer locker room. Listen to his interview on ESPN First Take this morning concerning Josh Smith's missed show-off dunk attempt against Miami in Game 5. Bibby has no respect for the game. I would much rather grab Miller than Bibby. Now, with that said, I am fine with not doing much at all. I think Bayless will have a very productive off-season. Last offseason he didn't get a chance to learn anything about the team, he has been learning on the fly without much opportunity to put it to use. He is going to have breakout season in 09-10. Again, great show today and I look forward to seeing what you bring tomorrow.
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    1. RipCityRevival

      RipCityRevival posted on 04/27/09 at 11:26 PM / view full discussion

      Hey champ, how about checking out our group Blazer Chanters and reading some of the stuff we've come up with. It'd be awesome to have a local celeb a member of our group. We've had some hilariously awesome cheers and ideas for stuff to yell at games. If we could only get the word out about them it would bring the fan experience at the RG to a whole new level. If you like some of them, maybe you could pimp them to La Familia and get the Garden rocking off it's foundation.
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    1. GavinDawson

      GavinDawson posted on 04/26/09 at 9:40 AM / view full discussion

      Hey Chad and I are going to be on this afternoon. After UO baseball, we'll be taking calls and breaking down the matchup. Song requests, predictions, takes, jokes, etc etc etc..... email: or call 417-9595.

      This game is huge obviously. It's going to be real tough to get the win. The guys can do it I think but they need to hit shots and see the angles like young teams typically don't against defenses like Houston's. UGH... In short...Go Blazers!!!

      Oh yeah, BROY, when you're big man sets a pick and rolls to the hoop feel free to give up the rock every now and then.
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    1. GavinDawson

      GavinDawson posted on 04/24/09 at 12:20 PM / view full discussion

      Thanks bro we are thinking about bringing in a local DJ to do that kinda stuff on more Fridays. Was fun to just kinda hang out and do the show to a fresh mix.

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    1. RipCityRevival

      RipCityRevival posted on 04/24/09 at 11:48 AM / view full discussion

      DJ tore it up today on MSP! Great show! What about KP on Rome!? How sweet was that? I wish the interview could have been longer though, maybe talked a little more about this team chemistry and them "marinating" instead of just focussing on Roy and Oden. No talk of Nate being snubbed for Coach of the Year, no talk of Travis being bumped for 6th man. How about some talk about the Spanish Armada (aka Spanish Fly)? I feel like KP did an awesome job, but Romy could have scheduled him for a bigger slot gotten some more info out to the national audience. Lets see if the Karma pays off tonight in Houston.
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    1. HottFUzz

      HottFUzz posted on 04/24/09 at 11:01 AM / view full discussion

      yeah boy eats drum machine was killer! last nights show was great keep it up!
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    1. RipCityRevival

      RipCityRevival posted on 04/23/09 at 9:18 PM / view full discussion

      Sounds sweet. I'll have to check it out. Are you gonna put it up on the La Familia store at
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    1. darbpunk

      darbpunk posted on 04/23/09 at 8:39 PM / view full discussion

      Dude, Boy Eats Drum Machine is dope... I gotta hear that track.
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    1. GavinDawson

      GavinDawson posted on 04/23/09 at 7:06 PM / view full discussion

      Hey check it out...ya know all the original blazers songs we play on the msp. Anyway, we got like 12 of the latest ones coming out on a cd. Be @ Tuesday's game, Find The Game crew at Game 5.

      DJ Jerm is going to mix it....

      featured artists..

      boy eats drum machine.

      hit machine band

      Battleship Records, DJ parmajohn and Mystro. be announced.

      Dre Cut.

      Wil in Portland.


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