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Meet BlazerDancer Rachel

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Veteran BlazerDancer Rachel is back to dance in Rip City for a second season!

Rachel started her dance journey attending classes and camps around the age of six in her hometown of Albany. In high school her rehearsals picked up and she danced everyday as a member of the South Albany High School Dance Team where she spent four years and was a captain and on the choreography team.

Portland State University was her next stop where she majored in art studies and minored in dance. With years of experience and passion Rachel opened her search for a place to continue dancing.

Her first stop was an audition for the BlazerDancers, a stop she would make three times before landing a place on the team. In the interim she spent two seasons dancing for the Winterhawks Rosebuds and learning the ins and outs of being a professional dancer.

Now, a season into her career as a BlazerDancer, she’s still reveling in the joy she gets from dancing for an exciting and engaging audience and is trying to capture every moment as they fly by.

“It went by so fast. I think my favorite in general was the opening, standing in the tunnel and hearing the crowd, the thump of the music and then about to go out,” Rachel said. “It’s just so much fun, the fans are the best, everyone is so loud. Also, doing a couple of the BlazerDancer classics like 'Welcome to the Jungle' and 'American Woman.'”

Off the court Rachel was shocked and humbled by the impact being a BlazerDancer had on her life. “It’s a really good feel because you’re a BlazerDancer 24/7, it’s kind of surprising how many people can recognize you so you have to represent the Blazers all the time,” she said.

As for being a veteran, Rachel is stoked to have a full season of performances and experiences—next on her BlazerDancer bucket list is performing at a playoff game. Until then she’ll continue to learn and share as much advice with the six rookies as possible.

“Practice your butt off,” Rachel said. “Especially with how many routines we learn, you have to be on top of it at all times, even at practice. Have fun and don’t lose sight even though it’s hard work remember to enjoy it.

“It goes by really fast so take it all in and have the time of your life.”

Check out a full photo gallery of Rachel and meet BlazerDancer Erika!

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