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Meet BlazerDancer Kelly

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BlazerDancer Kelly is ready to rock the Rose Garden for a third season!

A life-long performer, Kelly started dancing at the age of four. By the time she was nine she was studying ballet, tap and jazz at the Claudette Walker School of Dance and traveling the world.

“When I was dancing for Claudette we got the opportunity to travel all around. There were competitions all over the US all the time, but we also got to travel to Greece,” Kelly said. “We danced in Athens then got on a cruise ship and sailed to all the Greek islands and got to dance there. That has definitely been my favorite dancing moment and I feel so lucky that I was able to do that.”

Kelly’s training at Claudette prepared her to dance for the Mountain View High School Dance Team in Vancouver, Washington and then the Bellingham Slam while she attended Western Washington University and majored in communications.

Kelly spent her first year back in the Portland area dancing for the Winterhawks Rosebuds and in 2010 joined the BlazerDancers. Her first night performing as a BlazerDancer stands out as the most remarkable in her time at the Rose Garden.

“Opening night my first season, I think that will always be,” Kelly said. “For the first time, I mean there’s preseason, yes, but finally when everything was started and opening night came it was like ‘Wow, this is real. I actually made it this year!‘ The feelings I got were exciting, overwhelming, I can’t even describe it.

“Going to playoffs two years ago was really fun too,” she said. “To see the difference in the crowd from regular season to playoffs, it’s so much more intense. The feel in he arena is something you can’t really describe unless you’re there.”

Kelly's had a busy summer so far as a veteran BlazerDancer. She represented her squad with BlazerDancer Leisel at the ProAction dance camp.

“I got the opportunity to go to ProAction this year. They get two to four girls from each team who come and learn a lot of awesome routines to bring back and teach the rest of our teammates for the rest of the season,” Kelly said. “It was awesome to meet so many other girls from other teams, from the Celtics, from the Indiana Paces, the 76ers and the New England Patriots. All these girls are in the same boat as me, so it was pretty awesome to meet those girls.”

She also spent a whirlwind weekend in Estonia where she traveled with BlazerDancers Greta, JennaLea, Kimberly, Rea and Eri to perform at the NBA-Sprite Streetball Tournament in Talinn.

“We danced for the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and everything in between. We also brought a ton of Blazers gear with us for the fans, t-shirts, key chains, logo bangers, etc. and the people loved it!” Kelly said. “The people of Estonia were great to us and the fans loved seeing a dance team from the NBA. We were the first dance team from the NBA to head to Estonia so it was a very special experience for us as well. And so amazing to represent your team in a different part of the world.”

Welcome back Kelly!

Check out a full photo gallery of Kelly and meet BlazerDancer Lindsay!


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