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Meet BlazerDancer Lindsay

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Welcome rookie BlazerDancer Lindsay!

Born and raised outside Portland in the city of Clackamas, Lindsay started dancing as a way to spend more time with her best friend. At the age of ten she began classes and quickly learned she was naturally talented and tremendously enjoyed dance.

When middle school rolled around she joined the dance team, it was her first time experiencing a team dynamic and after a her first competition she was sold. “I really loved being on a team,” Lindsay said.

High school was another four years of dancing and after Lindsay graduated she found herself searching for another them to belong to. With dance holding such an important place in her life it was natural for her next stop to be the University of Oregon Dance Team. In her four years of dancing and studying geography, Lindsay was lucky enough to travel to a national competition annually—that first trip holds her favorite dance memory.  

“My freshman year of college, going off to nationals as seeing all the other teams we were competing against, it really opened my eyes to the dance world,” Lindsay said. 
"There’s so much more. I didn’t realize how much talent is out there and how amazing people all over the country are. It made me just love dance more and want to constantly be evolving because I saw what all these other people can do.”

Following graduation Lindsay returned to Portland and found herself again searching for a place to belong. That search led her to her first audition for the BlazerDancers where she earned a spot as a finalist. Just falling short, Lindsay continued her team quest. She met her goal and spent the season dancing professionally for the first time as a member of the Portland Winterhawks Rosebuds.

This year, Lindsay returned for a second audition with the BlazerDancers and made the squad! A feat she credits to changing her outlook on the audition process.

“Last year I put a lot of pressure on myself trying to think about what the judges wanted to see, so I tried to morph myself into what I thought they wanted. So when I didn’t make the team I thought that was kind of silly. So I thought in any audition process just be yourself completely because if you make the team you know you made it for being you and if you didn’t make it then you’re not going to have regrets,” Lindsay said.

“That was my mindset going into this year, I was just going to be the best version of me I could be and if I make it then I know it’s me. I was more relaxed and had more fun. I dance like I know how to dance and perform as well as I can and that’s all I can control.”

Her relaxed attitude and poise earned her a coveted place on a team she’d worked to belong to. Now Lindsay has a season of excitement to look forward to and a team she plans to learn all she can from.

“I’m really looking forward to dancing at games. I love to dance, that’s why all of us try out for the team, but I’m also really looking forward to talking with girls within the BlazerDancers. They all say that you become like a family and you become so close with the girls and you make friends for life,” Lindsay said. “I think I’m really excited for that. That’s why I love being on teams, the camaraderie. I’m looking forward to getting to know the girls and making life-long friends.”

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  1. Hey Miss Sarah; great summer activities, interviewing all the great dancers, do you need help?
    Welcome Lindsay.

    by Hg on 9/5/2012 5:41 PM
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