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VIDEO/TRANSCRIPT: Owner Paul Allen Addresses Media At Trail Blazers Pre-Draft Workout

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What was your impression of the workout?

I thought it was really good. It’s great to see Neil working with the staff and getting everything going. I think we can shake some things up, make things more intense than we’ve been doing them so it was pretty physical out there. It’s exciting to see what the guys can do.

You’ve always liked young talent, does that make you more apt to keep your picks?

I think it’s an evaluation process. I think six and eleven, if we pick there we’re going to get really good players. But you never know what teams are going to offer for those picks and then you have to evaluate what the contracts are going to look like and the situation down the road. So we’re in a good position now because we have substantial cap room, we can roll some of that cap room into the following year too, so there’s a lot of decisions we need to make and this is going to be a really important period for the team.

Typically you watch a lot of film on prospects, how far are you into that process?

I’m probably about two-thirds of the way through, so there’s a few guys I haven’t seen film. And the guys we’re kind of somewhat focusing on, I’ve seen them on tape.

How many would you say that is?

 About a dozen.

Anybody stand out to you today?

I’m not going to comment on that.

What are you looking for in the next head coach?

Obviously, somebody that brings a lot of positive energy to the team and focus. And with drafting young players, like we’re going to do, you’ll want someone who can develop young players and bring them along and lead us into the future. So we’re going to be evaluating the coaching situation through the draft, thinking about it, and really want to match the coach with the players you have too. So the style of play and all that influences our coaching decision.

How do you feel about the constant speculation that you might be trying to sell the Trail Blazers?

Well, I don’t know where that would come from. I don’t understand it because, of course, I’m the person that knows and I know the answer and I’ve stated the answer multiple times, the team is not for sale, so it’s mysterious. There are these mysterious figures lurking in the background whispering things, but who are they? Only a few people know.

Is your passion for the game the same as it’s always been?

Oh, yeah. Especially when you start watching the Finals unfolding and you remember playing in the finals and all the excitement. And that’s what we’d like to work back towards. Obviously we’ve had some big challenges as I talked about in my web post. This was a really tough last season for all of us involved with the team and the fans. So now, we’ve got some exciting draft picks, we’re looking forward, and I was just talking to Kaleb earlier and we’re excited to throw the ball up and start the season.

How excited are you for this draft night specifically and also for this off season with the cap room and everything else going on this summer.

Yeah, we’ve got two high picks, a lot of flexibility and some great young players and LaMarcus is an All-Star, so it’s very exciting to go through this process. You guys know I always love it every year. Thank you.


  1. Hey miss Sarah. I thank you for the transcript, It is hard to hear he video.
    I was trying to listen to yours and Casey's debate on motors, and I think I agree with you. Many times your motivation can be altered by psychological events, depression and many physical aspect can cause motivation to slow. Casey says that some people are born lazy and can't shake it or something like that. but you can stay motivated and focused with self practice. Fear of failure is the biggest thing that can knock your motivation.
    I am sorry, you know all that. thanks again for the transcript
    BTW, I thought your hair looked great on TV the other day.

    by Hg on 6/13/2012 10:44 PM
  2. I love it when Paul Allen talks to the media. His chat with MB and Wheels was great after the Olshey press conference and this was great, too. Hopefully, the local media can get passed the "Are you selling the team?" question - it's getting old. I have always thought Paul Allen's basketball IQ is underrated. Interesting comments about rolling over our cap space until next year. There are so many options right now for this team!

    by petro4three on 6/14/2012 10:03 AM
  3. i guess i need to get a job with the blazers to get some actual insight. I'm excited for the draft and want to know what the blazers are thinking. Paul Allen has a good poker face.

    by boomtown on 6/18/2012 11:03 AM
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