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Trail Blazers’ Favorite Moments: Brandon Roy

By sarahhecht Posted in: BrandonRoy
Everyone’s had a time in their lives when they couldn’t do what they wanted to do. I’m not talking about getting everything you want in life or monetary constraints, I’m talking about being physically limited. Knowing you literally CAN’T do something.

For me that moment spanned an entire soccer season. I broke my hand during the summer before my senior year and missed almost the entire season. Completely fed up I decided to saw my cast off so I wouldn’t miss our push through the playoffs. We ultimately earned a State Championship.

In the grand scheme of things my experience was a blip on the radar, but it was the center of my whole world at the time. That said, I can’t even begin to fathom what Brandon Roy felt as his body turned against him this season. For him it wasn’t just a one time shot at a Championship that he was missing. It was his career, what he’d dedicated his life to. Seemingly stolen in the moments his knees began to swell.

“There was a time I didn’t know if I would play this year,” Roy said.

Roy missed 35 games of the 2010-2011 season.

Following double knee surgery and a carefully managed return to basketball activities Brandon was able to step out on the court once more. This strategic, and in many ways heroic, return was Roy’s favorite moment of the season.

“I would say my top moment was my first game back, just being back on the court,” Roy said. “Against the Lakers, just walking out there on the court again and moving and playing, it was just big for me personally that I was back playing basketball again.”

And back he was.

In his return against the Lakers on February 23, 2011 Brandon played 16 minutes and totaled five points with a jumper over Ron Artest and a perfectly fired three.

One game later he hit a buzzer-beating shot from downtown to take the Trail Blazers to overtime with the Denver Nuggets then pushed to an exhilarating 107-106 victory. He played 24 minutes and scored 18 points.

All this from a man who didn’t think he’d play again this season.

Brandon’s success is shared by anyone who has faced the challenge of fighting their uncooperative body. Anyone who wants to be physically successful with every fiber of their being. Anyone that’s pushed through pain for the love of the game.

Kudos to you Brandon, from all of us.


  1. Miss Sarah: I loved your blogs until I found out you were a mountain View cougar. Do you know what the Prineville Cowboys does to cougars LOL. I remember that state championship Kudos to you. BTW, I still think you write great blogs even if you are from Bend.

    The sad thing about Brandon's body betrayal is the same thing that made him great in the first place, and that is hours and hours of hard work and over working his joints. Would I have done it any different if I could go back heck no, even with my artificial knees, I would go back and do it all over again, and I bet BRoy would also, but maybe, just maybe we might have done things just a little different.

    I have been reading up on the Platelet Rich Plasma that they injected into BRoy's knees when they did the double knee surgery and although it doesn't work on everybody, it promotes healing, smooth out rough surface of cartilage and gives the knee new improved movement without the stiffness and pain. And a Barrett's Blogger an almost retired Dr. says if it works you can inject it everytime it is needed. I found out that it is a type of adult cell, cell stemming and therefore can promote growth.

    This has really got me excited about Brandon's future. He just played to help and not be in the way this year and like he said, just needed to be out with the team. He wasn't trying to be the star, or wasn't looking for his shot.

    I guess my blabbering is getting hard to follow, but Brandon at the time is my biggest hope, I want him to shut all the doubters up. I don't care if he is the star, plays 20 minutes off the bench or starts, I just want him to come out and show the know it all that he can still play a mean game of BB.

    by Hg on 5/9/2011 2:35 PM
  2. @Hg Mountain View Thunder! In Vancouver, WA!

    I saw your earlier blog on PRP. It's an interesting procedure, I'm anxious to see what it'll yield in the future.

    by sarahhecht on 5/9/2011 2:37 PM
  3. Sarah; I am so sorry, well maybe glad LOL.. there is a Mountain View High School in Bend OR. Well, at least You aren't my rival. But the Thunder association may come back to haunt you.

    And Just Think Now You Can be One Of My Favorite Blogger Again, along with Barrett, Rice, Casey, Wheels, Kassandra, Dave from BE, and anybody else that blogs blazer stuff LOL.

    The thing about PRP is it is from your own marrow and has less of a chance of rejection. If you think about it, heart transplants is a type of cell stemming to the degree that you are plugging in other human parts into a different body and stemming it with the new body.

    Sorry I came down so hard on you for thinking you were a cougar, but that is almost as bad as being a Laker LOL.

    by Hg on 5/9/2011 2:51 PM
  4. Hg, I went to Mountain View in Bend and if memory serves me right, outside of wrestling, your programs were mediocre at best since your state football championship in 84. Sure you can brag about your recent girls volleyball run, but is that really something to be proud about?

    by blazerdarren77 on 5/9/2011 4:01 PM
  5. blazerfan77: Of course not, but I keep my town's sports spirit. and I was teasing Sarah. At 70 I don't get to bent out of shape for the way high school teams play. and I am not really a rival to Mt View. just a fan of the Cowboys. BTW my nephew played on that championship team in 84.


    by Hg on 5/9/2011 4:45 PM
  6. C'mon B! You know your favorite moment was putting on the Superman cape and leading us to victory by scoring 18 in the 4th against Dallas!

    by DHawes22 on 5/11/2011 2:39 PM
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