Nov 01

VIDEO: More 'All Or Nothing' With Will Barton

By caseyholdahl Posted in: Blazers, Lakers, Mavericks, Rockets, Thunder, willbarton

We still don't know exactly who Will Barton is as an NBA player. He only played spot minutes during the preseason thanks to missing much of training camp with a strained hamstring, and he got a "DNP - Coach's Decision" in Wednesday night's season-opening win. But thanks to the YouTube series "All Or Nothing" featuring Barton (here's Part One, Part Two, and Part Three), we've learned a lot about who he is as a person.

Today, two more "All Or Nothing" vignettes featuring Barton have been posted. Both videos were shot on the morning of the 2012 NBA Draft. One of the videos (which is posted above) features Barton talking about his friends and family in Baltimore, while the other is a shirtless walk-and-talk in which Barton explains the meaning and significance of a few of his many tattoos. All of them are worth watching, especially if you're among a growing number of people patiently waiting to see "The Thrill" get some regular season court time.

(By the way, listen closely to Barton's accent in these videos. It's far more pronounced when he's within Baltimore city limits. For example, listen to his voice when he says "dude.")


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