Jun 26

How The Blazers Can/Should/Will Get What They Want In This Year’s Draft

By antonioharvey Posted in: 2012draft, draft2012
Every year there are some certainties and some uncertainties surrounding the draft and this year is no different. The certainty: Anthony Davis will be taken with the 1st pick. The uncertainty: everything else. But the one thing I like about the way this draft is shaping up is the Blazers have a chance to get exactly what they want, and or need, no matter who gets picked and when.  

First let’s start by looking at what the Blazers need. I don’t think anyone would disagree that this team needs to fill two positions, PG and center.  Now lets look at some possible draft scenarios and how they affect the Blazers picks.

                     Scenario 1         Scenario 2      Scenario 3    Scenario 4
1    Hornets    Davis                 Davis             Davis             Davis
2    Bobcats    Kidd-Gilchrist   MKG               MKG              MKG
3    Wizards    Beal                   Beal               Beal              Beal
4    Cavs         Barnes               Barnes           Barnes           Barnes
5    Kings       Robinson           Robinson       Robinson       Robinson
6    Blazers     Drummond        Lillard           Drummond    Lillard
7    Warriors   Lamb                Drummond    Lamb             Drummond
8    Raptors    Lillard               Rivers            Lillard            Zeller
9    Pistons     Henson             Henson           Henson          Henson
10    Hornets  Rivers               Marshall        Marshall         Rivers
11    Blazers   Marshall           Zeller             Rivers             Leonard
I know there are several more scenarios that could play out, BUT no matter what happens there will be scenarios that allow the Blazers to pick both a center and a point guard.  

And don’t forget the two second round picks the Blazers have as well.  With all that’s going on, this will surely be one of the most fun drafts in recent Blazers history.


  1. Yeah but in scenarios 1 and 4 we would draft Rivers. Isn't he a SG not a PG?

    by KD_43 on 6/26/2012 8:06 PM
  2. Waiters will be in the top 11. Marshall won't. I would bet my house on it!!!!!

    by RiskyB on 6/26/2012 11:32 PM
  3. I'm sold on Lillard. He has to be in a Blazers' jersey next season. There is no way around it. I understand the importance of having a big man to pair with LA, but we are in need of a floor general. Not only that but someone who is known for the things they do on the floor. Not someone who "might" be good. Drummand is a "I don't know what to expect" big man. PLEASE, PLEASE don't use this years draft picks on a maybe maybe not guy. Especially not with the #6 or #11. Lets go for the gold. All reward!!!!

    by Ra5c03 on 6/26/2012 11:39 PM
  4. As a fan, I'm in a flux! Drummond or Lillard? After pouring over many sites and mock drafts - researching the strengths and weaknesses of both players, the pick at 6 has to be Lillard! Golden State and Toronto sounds as if 7 and 8 are up for grabs. I'm all for sending #11 and Wes Matthews or the rights to Claver/Freeland to secure that pick and take Drummond

    by quackattack64 on 6/28/2012 9:21 AM
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