Jun 30

Rip City Magazine Rewind: Clyde's Golden Year

By caseyholdahl
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In November of 1992, the Trail Blazers launched Rip City Magazine with the goal of "capturing all the excitement and action of Portland's 23rd season, neatly packaged for you to read and review time and time again, now and in future years."

Here we are almost 20 future years later, and Rip City Magazine lives on. And this summer, we'll dive into the archives to offer up some of the most memorable covers and stories from nearly two decades of RCM.

It seems apropos to start out our Rip City Magazine Rewind with Volume 1, Issue 1, which featured Clyde Drexler on the cover after he returned from winning a gold medal with the Dream Team in Barcelona. The cover story about Drexler's experience in the '92 Olympics was written by Eddie Sefko, who at the time worked for the Houston Chronicle and now is a staff writer for the Dallas Morning News.


  1. The "Glide" nothing more needs to be said.

    by mbmurr1 on 7/1/2011 7:58 PM
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