Sep 29

Training Camp Minis: Elliot Williams Declines Your Pizza Party Invite

By caseyholdahl Posted in: ElliotWilliams, 2010trainingcamp
Some players in the NBA have a hard time when it comes to nutrition. After all, even those who work out strenuously for a living have to watch what they eat if they're to stay at the top of their games. Plenty of players have eaten themselves out of the league by being unable or unwilling to exercise moderation when enjoying their favorite foods.

Elliot Williams, between his lanky frame and love of the game, doesn't figure to be one of those players who can't keep the weight off. But even if he were the predisposed to weight gain, Williams has a peculiarity when it comes to diet that would help him stay on the path with less fat. He doesn't eat pizza. Ever. In fact, he's never even tried the preferred food of children, college students and Canadian bacon and pineapple enthusiasts. Not once.

"As a child, the pizza, I just didn't like the smell for some reason," said Williams. "As a kid I just never tried it."

Not that he's got an aversion to Americanized Italian food. His favorite food is spaghetti, which is a close cousin to pizza, but the lineage between the two dishes isn't enough to convince Williams to break his streak of consecutive days having not eaten pizza, which stands at 4,484 days. It's not a family thing, as the rest of the Williams clan consumes pizza, though Elliot has found a way to cope.

"(My family) just order wings when they order pizza," said Williams. "I just get the wings and I'm good."

Pizza isn't the only staple Williams avoids like grim death. He's also never eaten eggs because, according to Elliot, eggs "don't look right."

And just for the record, Williams doesn't swim either after almost drowning as a child. Whether or not he was almost killed by a slice of Chicago deepdish or a soft boiled egg is unknown.


  1. And we care because...

    by plucack on 9/29/2010 5:04 PM
  2. We care because it's really unusual, and we like knowing interesting facts about our Blazers.

    Nice post!

    by ChrisRozwod on 9/29/2010 5:38 PM
  3. That is the saddest thing I've ever read.

    by Jrigamonti on 9/29/2010 5:39 PM
  4. If I quit pizza, will I have a 48" vert?

    by blazinagain on 9/29/2010 5:46 PM
  5. That guy should be playing in front of Rudy. You don't see Elliot complaining about NBA basketball do ya?

    by Tobyus Sanchezo on 9/30/2010 12:28 AM
  6. I think you only get to 38 inches by quitting.

    by caseyholdahl on 9/30/2010 8:35 AM
  7. I don't care what he eats, I just hope to see him and JBay go at today at fanfest. Hopefully Nate plays them against each other and not on the same team, at least for a half.

    by Kim~ on 10/1/2010 9:29 AM
  8. oops go at it ^^

    by Kim~ on 10/1/2010 9:30 AM
  9. nice read! :-)

    by RedRudy5 on 10/8/2010 2:39 PM
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