Jul 06

Sit This One Out?

By mikebarrett Posted in: Blazers
I'm not suggesting the Trail Blazers should completely forget the idea of landing a free agent. It's fine to browse, create relationships, and gauge interest. But, am I the only one who wouldn't mind seeing the team take a pass on all of this nonsense and steer around this seller's market?

That's not very fun, I realize. A lot of you have talked for months about how excited you were for the free-agency period to being in the NBA. It's fun to talk about the prospect of landing some top-tier name riding into town, like we just saw when Amare Stoudemire agreed to a 100-million-dollar deal with the Knicks.

But, seriously, how many of you would hammer the Blazers if they gave Drew Gooden $32 million? Gooden? Really? The guy who is now on his 9th team in 8 years? And, Darko Milicic nets $20 million?

Were we already headed for a wacky time, or did these two early signings set this market? Because the last time I checked, we were talking about the fact that things were getting ridiculous, and that the contracts were already too big. Joe Johnson then got $119 million from Atlanta, and Rudy Gay got $82 million from Memphis. I love Channing Frye, but $30 million? Amir Johnson gets $34 million to stay with Toronto?

Do you still think the Blazers overpaid LaMarcus Aldridge last summer? How in the world would he not have been a max guy in this market? That signing looks better with each passing day this summer.

The scary part of all of this is that's it's only getting worse. The guys who jumped early, and agreed to those contracts above, thought they were hitting this market at exactly the right time. That may be true. But, it's only raised the value of the free agents who remain. Guys like Mike Miller are seeing their worth increase as the teams with money to spend scramble to avoid coming up empty. Demand is clearly outweighing supply.

I've heard some people criticizing the Blazers for not jumping into the pool, especially in the early going. And, as much as I want to see them add an impact player, I keep thinking the best thing to do would be just to wait. There are no bargains out there right now, clearly. It got worse when Memphis and Atlanta held on to Gay and Johnson, who actually increased this madness by staying with their current teams. That simply took two more potential open-market guys out of the mix for the teams that have money to spend, and raised the value of everyone else.

Was it fear or opportunity that motivated the Grizzlies and Hawks? You've got to sell something to your fans, and those teams losing their stars wouldn't have gone over well with those two teams who already struggle mightily to sell tickets. But, will it be worth it?

We knew the landscape would possibly change this summer in the NBA, but when saying that, most people were talking about LeBron, Bosh, and Wade. They haven't even made decisions yet, and the market is already on its ear.

No one wants to be left without a chair when the music stops, I get that. But, this doesn't appear to be the time to be shopping if you have huge needs. I certainly don't put Portland in that category.

This will be, and has already been, a free-agent period for the record books. I just can't see how it's healthy for NBA teams. For now at least, the shrewd and tactful appear to be the winners. It's not always easy to sell that, but in the long run, those teams will be the victors in this market.



  1. i think we should only sign 1 vet who can help us in keepin brandon roy fresh... there might be good vets out there but at what price? i rather save our money and build thru the draft with players who want to be here and have their heart in this city!

    by Blazers4Life247 on 7/6/2010 1:36 PM
  2. I think a move needs to be done if they want to win big anytime soon. I think continuing to build through the draft is dumb because you need veteran savvy at the guard spot. Brandon still has a lot to learn as far as defensive tricks and how to play the refs. These are things that guys like a Ray Allen, Tony Parker, Rip Hamilton, even getting James Jones back. We have our vet bigs to teach LA and Oden, now we need a vet guard to improve our back court savvy.

    by RipCityRevival on 7/6/2010 7:44 PM
  3. I am with you Mike, this is crazy. I mean we have a good team coming back especially with Camby in the fold. A full season of Kaboom Batum. I am really amazed at the lack of respect people are giving Andre Miller. The guy played his butt off and even had a 50 point game, I mean what more can the guy do. Does he have to wash the dishes and take out the garbage too. We got some great draft picks and last years picks look like real contributors. Maybe once summer league starts and people see these young guys play they will calm down on the free agent stuff.

    by Zman66 on 7/7/2010 12:10 AM
  4. yeah, i like the ring of it "why not just wait?". As a fan I would much rather get the chance to see our current bunch of guys get a full healthy season to grow together as a team and see where that takes them rather than us moving around our guys for an expensive flashy free agent. Part of the excitement i get from watching the trailblazers is watching the team grow. I feel like there are a lot of elements in our team that could mature and shine. I want to see Aldridge get some more power, i want to see Oden play smarter, i want to see Bayless develop a more consistent game, and i want to see Batum... well i just wanna see more of Batum. But what is so cool about these guys and the whole team in general is that they also wanna get better and grow, and it seems like they are all working hard to better themselves and get there. I think i can speak for a lot of people when i say that watching these raw talents develop together is far more rewarding to fans than constantly trading out players for other ones just to find the right combination for a championship. watching the team grow with a bunch of good guys who wanna be here and wanna play is great and helps me reflect on how with hard work i can better myself. I dunno, i guess i'm getting preachy. but keep some of this in mind if you agree before you let the excitement of free agency get to your head.

    by Lapinnoir on 7/7/2010 2:34 AM
  5. Mike, I love Andre and Joel "The Thrilla" Przybilla, but I don't see a trip to the western conference finals with them. We just need more talent. Chris Paul needs to be pursued. With him on the roster, we could actually have a shot at beating the Lakers in a playoff series. I sure don't want LeBron or any other selfish hot shot, though.

    by FamousRoy on 7/7/2010 3:43 PM
  6. Since the start of this sumer's free agency, I have felt like we had a solid starting five. I think we need to make some moves to strengthen our bench, and take some pressure of our starters. Brandon Roy especially. Miller, Roy, Batum, Aldridge and Camby. Thats a sweet starting five but then what do we have? Bayless isn't much of point guard, and Patty Mills is unproven. Rudy probably won't be coming back, and who knows what we have in Elliot Williams. The only real small forward we have behind Nic is Luke Babbit. It would be great if he worked out, but why would we take our chances on that. Juwan Howard had a great year backing up LA and playing center when we needed him, but I feel like he could go down at any moment, and let's face it, he doesn't have many years left. Even if he stays healthy. We can definitely do some damage this year, but not without a solid second unit.

    by Rkeogan on 7/9/2010 7:35 PM
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