May 27

May 27 Podcast

By caseyholdahl Posted in: 2010draft
You might think it would be difficult for two guys to talk for an hour about the Trail Blazers when their season ended almost a month ago, but Dave Deckard, he of, and I, Casey Holdahl of, manage to jaw for 60 minutes about what news there is to discuss in this week's Podcast (by the by, we're taking suggestions again for a better name).

This week, Dave and I discuss whether the Trail Blazers are in fact trying to move up in the draft and whether that's a surprising revelation, ponder reports that Rudy Fernandez was "disappointed and deceived" this season and what exactly that might mean, touch once again on criticism of Nate McMillan, ask ourselves if we feel better about Portland's abbreviated playoff run considering Phoenix's successes, open discussions on the playoff window, wonder if and when Portland's younger players might be consistently reliable and finish off by cutting Greg Oden some slack. I'd say it's worth your time to listen, but I'm biased.

May 27 Podcast

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A quick head's up; Dave and I are going to solicit questions from our fair listeners (that's you) via voice mail, which we will answer during the podcast next week. So not only could you get your questions answered by Dave and I, but you'll also hear your voice on the podcast. Be on the lookout for a call-in number, which I should have to you in the very near future.


  1. Hey guys - good to hear from you.

    Um, one name for the podcost I've thought of (as I sat on the tram this morning after a short outing to campus): The Casey & Dave Blazer Roundtable (or Casey, if you're modest and/or Dave wants more of the spotlight, hehe, jkg, as he said, he just enjoys doing it, you can reverse the order of your names).

    As for the Rudy situation - I would hate to see Rudy go. Yes, the Rudy-love has worn out a bit. I do hope he can figure his issues out and get back on track. I was so happy when he came and yes, last year he had many great highlights and great games. But yeah, as Dave says, it's good to air it out, because then a small problem just gets bigger - so yeah, he just get out there in practice and work his butt off and show he can step it up.

    As for hearing my voice - um, even though I feel 'good' when I speak, it always sounds so bad when I hear it back, though my best friend here (yes, a girl, but no not THAT kind, lol) would say when would send voice clips to her on MSN, she was exclaim "Your voiceeee! It's so nice!" (I wish I knew what I was doing then - hmm, maybe speaking slowly and softly . . .ok sorry off topic!) But cool idea though, looking forward to that.

    Nate - While I agree with Dave on the potential 3 yr one and done trend, it still is not as painful as the 6-yr streak we had in the 90s and we had a talented team then, though that was part of the Whitsitt era . . . but yeah, with this talent and the fact they are good guys as well, we definitely need to get to the 2nd round next, barring anymore health issues - though it would still be heartbreaking if it were to happen again with injuries, God Forbid. Let's see what happens next year, I think we will have a good feel for what should be done, even during the late part of the season - but yeah, playoffs will be the judge.

    WCF - Now that Game 5 is over as of this writing - man, that was heartbreaking - how cool would it have been if the Suns had the L*kers on the brink! Argh - gotta box out on those last plays!

    Thanks guys,
    From Prague, The Indian Guy (back in Ptown on June 27th!!)

    by Anees on 5/28/2010 12:58 AM
  2. First of all; Good to hear from you Aneebaba.
    THE TRAILBLAZERS FAN'S PODCACT, would be another good name. because the both of you are always giving news, updates and tips as to where the Blazers are in relationship to the fans. That I Thank you for.

    Rudy is an issue that is brought on by Rudy; he is not producing and unless you can find the problem it will only get worst with time instead of better. Time is not a guareentee in the NBA. A player does not have to be at the top of their game every week, but they do have to show they are working at doing the best possible. That is why I defend LMA, he is doing his job and he works hard at it, sometimes for many reason's his game isn't as great as we would like, but he is always working hard to get his game.

    IMO, everybody says next year all depends on Greg's health. To me it more depends on BRoy's health. Greg's knees are completely fixed anything else that happens to his knees is a brand new injury that could happen to any one. BRoy's knees is fixed for the time being but it is just buying him time. The cartlidge is there for a reason and any time you flatten it out and have to trim you are losing longivity.

    We have proven we can win games without Greg. We have proven we can win games without BRoy, We can win games without the both of them, but to put us up to the next level with the addition of Camby, BRoy's health is much more important in my book.

    I agree on cutting Greg some slack. what he does off the court as long as it is legal intertainment is OK with me. In fact it is part of growing up. Maybe like Sowing your Oats while you are young.

    I also agree that Nate makes mistakes like everybody else in the world, but I don't know of any other coach that could do any better. You mentioned Adelman. His team didn't make the play-offs without their Star-center.

    A very good Podcast.


    by Hg on 5/30/2010 3:52 AM
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