Apr 22

Shootaround Question: Where The Crowd At?

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After two games in Phoenix, the Trail Blazers are glad to be back home to play games three and four in the Rose Garden. So after getting a taste of the playoff crowd in Phoenix, I asked the team what they're expecting from the Portland crowd tonight.


"It's going to be tremendous. I think they have a great fanbase down there in Phoenix. The crowd got behind them and they rallied to win Game 2. Hopefully that can be the case for us at home."


Oh, it's going to be hostile tonight. We all know that the Portland fans are electric in that building, so we expect them to bring the intensity and that fire that we need in order go give us that extra oomph.


"It's the playoffs, so I expect our fans to be ready to be ready to go. We've got to give them something to cheer for. They will be ready to go, we're going to have to keep them on their feet by the energy that we put in that building tonight."


"I'm scared if I play for Phoenix because it is going to be loud tonight. It is going to be very loud tonight. I've got some friends from France going to be their first game here. I said 'Man, be ready. It's going to be loud tonight.'

"They know what these two games mean for us. If we win these two games we're going to be in good shape to win the series. They know that. They're going to be a huge part of our game tonight.

"You know, when you hear 20,000 people scream behind you and push you, that gives you a lot of confidence for the game."


"I just think it's going to be crazy in there tonight. From start to finish I anticipate a lot of people being there in the pregame just to see guys warmup. It's already started with people meeting us at the airport. They were talking about "Planet Orange". They have nothing compared to what we have here at the Rose Garden.

"Our guys are so upset. We had a rough film session. A lot of guys were called out and they don't want to be embarrassed anymore. Our guys have a lot of pride, so I think what you're going to see early is a lot of dunks, a lot of threes. The biggest thing is if we can get stops and give our fans something to cheer about from the defensive side of the ball, we can take them out early. But it's going to be a touch game and I'm just glad we're playing at home tonight."


  1. We have the best fans in the world. The Suns are in trouble when you have 20,000 plus blazermaniac fans !!!!!! Amare is not going to get away with his whining and snibbling to the officials in the Rose garden. I hope Rudy show's up. Go BLAZERS!!!!!!!

    by jefftblaze on 4/22/2010 2:52 PM
  2. The crowd tonight is going to be the loudest it has ever been since Bill Schonley left. It should be rediculous and the Blazers will pull away the big win.

    by mak2468 on 4/22/2010 3:56 PM
  3. I lost my voice yelling DEFENSE! on Saturday. It was totally worth it!

    by levim on 4/26/2010 9:27 AM
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