Apr 20

Shootaround Question: How WIll The Suns Come Out?

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In today's shootaround question, I asked various members of the team how they thought the Phoenix Suns would come out in Game 2 after losing Game 1 at home. As you might expect, the overwhelming consensus was that the Suns would come out more focused and aggressive the they did on Sunday night.


"Just like any other team that lost a game: with a sense of urgency, trying to be more aggressive on both ends of the floor, being more physical defensively. Offensively, attacking, getting to their tempo and we have to come out with the same sense of urgency tonight and forget that we're up one game. We can not approach the game like that. There has to be a sense of urgency right from the start, because they're going to come out with that sense of urgency."


"A lot of energy trying to even the series up. We'll be expecting the crowd to be crazy rooting behind their team. Any team that is behind the 8-ball 1-0 is going to come out and try to give their best effort.

"We're just going to approach it like it's Game 1. We can't just assume that we won one game and just relax in Game 2 and let these guys come out and get this win. We've got to come out here and fight also. We definitely have to match or exceed the energy they're going to try to bring to the ball game."


"More aggressive, plain and simple. I'm sure they felt like they could have played a lot better, so with that being said, the only excuse that they have for themselves is that they didn't come out that aggressive. So you would expect them to up the tempo, the energy, the running and to be more aggressive."


"They're going to be more aggressive. They're going to be very ready to play because if they lose this game they're going to be in trouble. I expect them to be very tough right from the start, attack the basket, run, run, run, push the tempo. We've got to play good defense like the last game and hopefully we can win."


"They're going to come out hard and play tough. Obviously they're going to play better than they did in the last game. Hopefully we can play better as well. Hopefully we can win again."


  1. Wow. Coach said urgency four times. I agree. They have to play like it's lights out if they lose. Tear it up boys!

    by stubbs303 on 4/20/2010 3:23 PM
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