Mar 30

Daily Playoff Race Update: March 30

By caseyholdahl
The following is the standings for the teams still eligible for the Western Conference playoffs as of games played on March 28, 2010. These standings will be updated daily until the end of the regular season.


  1. Any idea on who would win the tie-breaker if PX,OKC, and DEN tied for 5th?

    by DHawes22 on 3/30/2010 9:37 AM
  2. The way we are playing, I feel like we could go 8-0. Probably will go 6-2 with losses to two of Denver, L****s and Dallas.

    by blazer003 on 3/30/2010 12:03 PM
  3. This is perfect!

    by broctune on 3/30/2010 1:04 PM
  4. Very close race. I think we will finish with the same record as LY (52-30). Would love to see a 4/5 matchup with Phoenix. Just would like to get out of Utah's side of the bracketing. Thanks for bringing all the contenders remaining games together under one view. Makes it easy to follow. I'll return here regularly.

    by Napoleon7 on 3/30/2010 4:34 PM
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