Feb 23

Whole Lotta Highlights: Portland 102, New Jersey 93

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Stephen Moon, who most consider my British doppelganger, works in our broadcasting department and has been cranking out some great in-games on his Avid in the basement of the Rose Garden. Since he's doing all that work and we don't really have a good place to feature all of those clips, I thought I'd start putting together a post-game post will links to all of the highlights Stephen cut together. So here goes, in chronological order.


• Mike Barrett interviews head coach Nate McMillan prior to the start of the game. McMillan divulges that Nicolas Batum will get the start in the place of Martell Webster. Click here to watch the video.


• Marcus Camby, who left the game in the first quarter after rolling his right ankle, finds LaMarcus Aldridge down low for the layin. Click here to watch the video.

• As noted above, Marcus Camby sustained a sprained right ankle after he was run into by Brook Lopez in the first quarter. You won't be able to make much of a diagnosis from the video, but you're free to watch it. Click here to watch the video.

•Brandon Roy, who looks like he's rounding back into form after missing a string of games with a bad hamstring, finished with 28 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists. Two of his 28 came thanks to a shot clock-beating shot over Brook Lopez. Click here to watch the video.


• Andre Miller threads the needle through a double team to find Juwan Howard for one of his seven assists. Howard finished with 9 points filling in for the Camby. Click here to watch the video.

• Post-game, Brandon Roy told Mike Barrett that he's starting to get his feel back. And it looked like it early, scoring 12 with a variety of jumpers and moves to the basket. Click here to watch the video.

• In maybe the highlight of the game, Martell Webster throws a mini-hook lob pass to LaMarcus Aldridge, who finishes with the alley-oop dunk. Matell finished with two assists, LaMarcus with 27 points. Click here to watch the video.


• I've a fan of blocks, especially those courtesy of Nicolas Batum's long arms. In the third quarter, Batum came out of nowhere to reject an otherwise open layup attempt by Devin Harris. It resulted in a fastbreak layup for Andre Miller. Batum finished with three blocks, a career high. Click here to watch the video.

• Martell Webster only played 18 minutes after Nicolas Batum took his place in the starting lineup, but Marty made the most of what he got. He hit a big 3-pointer in the third quarter to help slow a New Jersey run. Click here to watch the video.


• Plenty of highlights when you score 28 on the night. Brandon Roy's highlights might not make SportsCenter, but the Trail Blazers fans out there appreciate the game. Here's Roy hitting a touch fadeaway over the outstretched arms of Brook Lopez. Click here to watch the video.


• Brandon Roy talks about the importance of getting a win on the first of a long road trip with Mike Barrett. Click here to watch the video.


  1. Casey, thanks millions for the video's. for a fan that doesn't get to watch games and only hears half of them these are great.


    by Hg on 2/24/2010 6:31 AM
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