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Brandon Roy's Unique Approach To All-Star

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Brandon Roy certainly has the stats of an All-Star. Ninth in the league in scoring at 23.1 points per game. One of just three players in the league averaging at least 23.0 points, 4.5 rebounds and 5.0 assists. Third in PER among shooting guards. One of the finest clutch scorers in the game. Unquestioned leader of his team.

But there are ways in which Roy might not be so similar to some of his fellow All-Stars. Take last year’s All-Star Weekend. For those few days in the middle of February, players have a chance to cut loose without having to worry about a game the next night or practice in the morning. And for those at All-Star Weekend, the sheer number of A-list athletes all in close proximity leads to an atmosphere conducive to getting down. Many take advantage, as is their right.

So how did Roy blow off steam last season at All-Star Weekend in Phoenix? Late night party-hopping? Night clubs and Cristal? Not exactly.

“We went to dinner, went out for ice cream,” said Roy of his free time during All-Star 2009. “It was kind of cool to have that time.”

Fiercely protective of the time he gets to spend with his family, Roy didn’t use the opportunity of a few days off to take in the nightlife. With his parents, fiancée and two kids in tow, Roy opted for a more family-oriented entertainment. Not exactly the fast-living lifestyle people associated with professional athletics.

“Guys go out and have fun,” said Roy of the typical All-Star experience. “But the next day was Valentine’s Day, so I owed (my fiancé Tiana) that day. I didn’t have much to do that day, so we hung out. It was pretty fun.”

Last time around, Roy brought an entourage of nine people with him, with all but two being relatives.

“It’s no fun if they’re not with me,” said Roy. “That’s the way I get the full effect of it.”

But this season, the Roy ice cream crew will be two members smaller than last time around. Roy says this year his kids Brandon Jr. and Mariah, who was less than two months old during last year’s All-Star weekend, will stay with their maternal grandmother while the rest of the family heads to Dallas for All-Star 2010. Roy didn’t say if he’s broken the news yet to Brandon Jr., but he doesn’t figure his son, who is starting to follow the NBA, will mind too much.

“(Brandon Jr.) doesn’t mind watching it on TV,” said Roy. “He was watching one game the other day and it wasn’t the Blazers, but they had black and red colors. He was like (pointing) ‘Daddy!’ and I’m like ‘Naw, I’m right here with you.’ He’ll be cool. He likes watching it on TV.”

Brandon Jr. could be seen on his father’s hip at just about every outing during last year’s All-Star festivities, including the post-game locker room, though according to Brandon Sr., that was more for him that his son.

“I thought that was cool because Shaq and Kobe and Phil Jackson, they all kind of played around with him. I was happier than he was. One day I can tell him and he’d be happy that I did that.”

Hard to tell how many other All-Stars could say that.


  1. He is an amazing guy - the whole team is comprised of amazing men. This Blazer team is such a fresh breath of air compared to the Jail Blazer era. Roy is a fantastic leader who encourages his team mates to be better and do to better. He is a strong role model and a positive image of how the best of the best should behave on and off of the court. He is an All Star in my eyes - it is only a matter of time before everyone else outside of Portland realizes it.

    by cstreet on 1/29/2010 5:21 PM
  2. I love that BRoy is so much a family guy- that they are the most important thing to him- you can see it when they are together- it is not just talk but reality for him. I think that is a big part of what makes him great! Congrats BRoy!

    by RedRudy5 on 1/30/2010 12:26 AM
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