Dec 28

No Such Thing As A Game 'You Should Win'

By caseyholdahl
Nate McMillan was asked a couple of questions about beating teams you presumably should beat during pre-game media availability. Basically the line of questioning stemmed from a notion that, after beating Miami, Dallas, San Antonio (on the road) and Denver, dispatching the 7-22 Philadelphia Sixers should be all but a given. McMillan wasn’t buying it.

“I’ll never get that,” said McMillan matter-of-factly. “Basically we shouldn’t have beaten any team we just played. Any of them. Phoenix, Dallas, any of them. I never get that people can look at a roster and say you should beat somebody. I never understand that … I don’t get why people think that, whether it’s a player or anybody else … that you can walk in. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.”

Monday night’s loss is a perfect example of why McMillan is dead-on with his assessment. Winning a few games in a row against good teams doesn’t make you invulnerable, especially when you’re playing with a depleted roster. There’s simply no team that can’t be beaten on any given night. There’s just not.

Did the players, after taking a seven-point lead into the half, think they could walk their way to a victory? Not necessarily, but they didn’t seem to have the urgency and scrap that a team with ten healthy players needs to have to beat any team in the NBA, be it the Sixers or any other team. It’s easy to get up for the best teams, but it’s arguably more important to get ready for the bottom rung.

“This team beat us last year twice, so we can play better,” said McMillan. “We didn’t tonight and just like we won those games, we lose this tonight. We have to put this behind us and get ourselves ready for another team that is going to be under .500 and has got some guys who can play.”


  1. We should have won that game! :D No if's and's or but's about it. We were cold, they were hot. Stuff happens. The rest of the year will be filled with games we should have won and games we had business winning. That is just the NBA.

    by DHawes22 on 12/29/2009 2:09 PM
  2. I am so on board with that attitude by Nate!!! This is a team of nice guys. Nice guys can only win when they view themselves as the underdog. Attitudinally speaking Brandon will never be a Kobe or a LeBron. He certainly won't be a Kevin Garnett. They have a nastiness that Brandon will never have that allows them to play from a "Superman" mentality. As a team, we struggle when we think we should win. Somehow, it doesn't bring out the fire and determination and we let up as soon as we are ahead--as if we are afraid of being labeled as the bully. The only time we are able to sustain a "beatdown" of another team is when it is the Spurs or the Lakers--teams that we think of as "bullies." Nate has to convince his team every night that they are the underdog and the other team is a bunch of nasty bullies. With all these injuries, that is not difficult. I am afraid of what will happen when they get healthy again.

    by oldguy on 1/1/2010 6:42 PM
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