Sep 03

VIDEO: Clyde Drexler One of's 'Best Shooting Guards'

By caseyholdahl has put together some videos featuring the the best players at specific positions, and today they released a bunch of "Best Shooting Guard" videos, one of which features former Trail Blazer and Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler. It's basically two minutes and 18 seconds of Drexler dunking in the open court, dunking in traffic, dunking in transition and so on.

You'll also surely notice that all of these are Trail Blazers highlights, despite Drexler finishing his career, and winning a championship, in Houston with the Rockets.


  1. Goose bumps. Clyde IS THE 1 reason why I don't like basketball... I LOVE it; I ESPECIALLY LOVE OUR Blazers because of him! I JUST got done watching this several times & would keep hitting replay IF I didn't have to get bak to work! ;) IF u r a TRUE Blazer fan, you'll play this vid @ LEAST 2x's! When I'm done working tonight, I'm gonna watch this several more times! :)

    by Simpson on 9/3/2013 2:30 PM
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