Aug 12

VIDEO: Barton's Baltimore Highlights, McCollum's Path From Lehigh, Claver's Google Glass Dunk

By caseyholdahl
The roster is now at 15 players and training camp is over a month away, so things are likely to get real slow around these parts for at least the next few weeks. In the meantime, so video from the weekend ...

Will Barton participated in a charity game in Baltimore last Thursday and website cut together some highlight's of Will doing what will does best: get buckets.

(Hat tip to Ben at for that one)

The folks Lehigh University put together a video chronicling CJ McCollum's journey from small college standout to NBA draft pick. Some good, exclusive interviews with McCollum in there.

Finally, here's a video of Victor Claver, who is preparing for 2013 Eurobasket with the Spanish National team, finishing an alley-oop while wearing a pair of Google Glass ... glasses?


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