Aug 07

Lowe: Would Portland Consider Trading For DeMarcus Cousins?

By caseyholdahl

Zach Lowe over at Grantland wrote a lengthy column about DeMarcus Cousins and what exactly the Sacramento Kings should do with the talented yet notoriously difficult to manage center. Rather than focusing on the attitude issues that have seen Cousins draw an impressive number of fines and suspensions, Lowe spends the entirety of the piece looking at the on-court issues, particularly an unwillingness to play even average defense, that makes it difficult to predict what kind of interest he'll draw when his rookie contract expires.

In the end, Lowe comes to the conclusion that the Kings should eventually part ways with Cousins rather than sign him to a long-term, max or near-max deal. And it's here that Lowe wonders if the Trail Blazers might be interested in bringing Cousins in ...
It shouldn't be hard to find one, provided Cousins plays well this season. He's at a point in his career when he's neither young nor a veteran, meaning the Kings could trade him for any sort of player. Rebuilding teams with a stockpile of assets — Cleveland, Orlando, Boston, etc. — might view him as a player with proven NBA skills worth a major spot in their rebuilding project. (Though I suspect some such teams view him as poisonous to a culture they are trying to establish.) A mid-tier team with a veteran they know they may have to move at some point — Portland with LaMarcus Aldridge, Minnesota with Kevin Love or even Nikola Pekovic — might view Cousins as an asset both young and exciting, and already good enough to keep fans from revolting.
An interesting proposal, especially if you believe, as Lowe obviously does, that LaMarcus Aldridge will eventually be traded lest he leave Portland as a free agent.

Cousins could be a valuable player on any team if he matured, both as a player and a person, along the same lines of a Zach Randolph (a corollary Lowe mentions). But could the Trail Blazers trade for Cousins, let alone signing him to a long-term deal, when he's shown little ability to remedy the issues that have plague him and the Kings through three NBA seasons? It's a tough question to answer.


  1. I say that not a bad idea especially if LA wants a trade....we should definitely thing about a trade for one of the young and upcoming talented centers. I believe that he would be great in Portland because he will have confidence and he will be happy to play alongside Dame hey they played together in the team usa practices this past month. Lets not lose LA for nothing I rather get a Great center who has great upside.

    by ervin-howell on 8/7/2013 9:28 AM
  2. Not so fast ervin-howell, We had ZBO, Rasheed Wallace, Bonzi, Miles and a few others; they all could have been great Blazers if they would of or could of got on course for their jobs Plus, nobody including LaMarcus for the Blazers has said he wanted to be traded; his agents are looking at options, mostly to jack up Aldridge's next contract, which in no way has the Blazers FO said they wouldn't match. So what are the fact?
    LMA is still here
    We have TRob coming up
    We have Leonard learning
    We have Joel Freeland
    we have Lopez
    and other players that can fill in at center and power forward.
    The last fact is we still have Lamarcus and if he wants to go, his value alone would get us two or three Demarcus's

    Hey, I am not being firm or adamant, this is just a friendly debate, but the truth be known, I just don't want another trouble maker after going through the Jailblazers era.


    by Hg on 8/7/2013 10:11 AM
  3. I agree with Hg, I am not a huge fan of Cousins, he has his moments, not worth the attitude, and not near Aldridge worthy. I hope Aldridge stays, especially after this big roster change. It really shows Neil knows what he's doing (the last sense Kevin Pritchard) and making some amazing moves to get the roster toward the championship talent. I think Aldridge will respect that. Great insight though Casey.

    by tanneralan on 8/8/2013 11:54 AM
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