Jun 28

Allen Crabbe: 'Just trying to prove that I'm worthy enough, that I was a good trade for this team'

By caseyholdahl

Allen Crabbe did what any player would do after being selected by the Cavaliers with the 31st pick in the 2013 Draft: he answered questions about the Cavaliers. HeĀ  talked about playing alongside Kyrie Irving, fitting in defensively in Mike Brown's system and joining Anthony Bennett and Sergey Karasev, players Cleveland drafted earlier in the evening. The usual fare.

Then, at the very end of the press conference, news broke that Crabbe had been traded to the Trail Blazers for two future second-round picks, which took the news in stride.

"Everything moves so fast, but wherever I go I'm just going to do the best that I can," said Crabbe, "believe in God that he put me in the best situation for me, a team that's going to help me maximize my full potential. Wherever I go, I'm willing to work and try to contribute in any way I can."

So after answering a bunch of questions that were immediately rendered moot, Crabbe talked with a much smaller group about his new team, the Portland Trail Blazers.

His thoughts on joining the Portland Trail Blazers:

"It's just a blessing to be here. It's great going to a young team, a team that's going to be up and coming and a team that's going to be able to compete in the playoffs as well. Definitely just want to be around a great group of guy, guys that are going to help make me a better player and I'm just trying to do whatever I can, bring my talents to this organization and do whatever I can do to contribute. "

On what he brings to a team:

"Definitely my main point in my game is my jump shot, so I definitely feel I can put the ball on the floor -- that's something that I need to develop as well. But I've proven in college that I can get to the rim and I need to be a better finisher but I feel like there are areas in my game that I can make improvements in. I rebound well for my position. I just feel like I can be a type of guy that's going to come in, play hard and do what I can do."

On continuing his career on the west coast:

"It's not to far, two hours away from the hometown, but it definitely didn't matter where I landed. I just wanted to be on a team. It's been my dream to be in the NBA all my life. Now it's finally here and now it's time for me to prove myself."

Whether he had any indication that the Trail Blazers were interested in drafting him:

"Not at all. It's funny how the NBA works. You can workout for so many teams and then a team you haven't even talked to, never even thought had interest, but you can land there. But I'm just glad to finally make a team and now it's time to go to work."

On his initial goals:

"Just trying to prove myself, just trying to prove that I'm worthy enough, that I was a good trade for this team. Definitely looking forward to becoming a better basketball player, relishing the opportunity to be in the NBA. But not just say that I was able to make the NBA, but to contribute in the NBA, help a team be a successful organization."

On having the opportunity to play for a team with minutes available for rookies:

"I definitely saw a couple of games where (Terry Stotts) put his rookies in. He allowed them to get out there and play and I feel like that will help me out a lot. Getting a good feel for the game early, getting adjusted. I feel that worked for me in college. I was able to get out there and play right away, so I got adjusted to the college game. So hopefully that can be the same in the NBA."

On his personality:

"I'm a laid back guy. A lot of people think I come off as shy but once I get around a group of people that I'm really comfortable around I can really be alive. Just have a good time. I like to bowl, golf, I like to get out and explore. I like to travel the world. I'm a good guy to be around."

On why he went to Cal:

"Coach Montgomery coached in the NBA before and I feel like he knows what it takes for his players to get to the NBA, especially when you have the desire and the dream to get there. So I definitely felt like going there would be a good fit for me. They just really showed that they were interested in me, a team that took me and really believed in me. I feel like they prepared me well at Cal and you could say I had a pretty good career there."


  1. I am lucky enough to go to Cal and got to see Allen play at several of our home games last year. Allen was great to watch. He's instant offense, can shoot and has the capability to defend. I'm really happy that we got him.

    by milwaukiejessi on 6/29/2013 5:44 PM
  2. I love it when this happens. One guy gets picked and then traded to another squad. L.A. mashes Chicago whenever he's there for that very same thing. I hope A.C. is cut from that same cloth.

    by commontongue on 6/29/2013 6:44 PM
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