Jun 27

Ford: Blazers Might Select Trey Burke As A 'Trade Asset'

By caseyholdahl

Chad Ford posted a new mock draft this morning in which he had Portland selecting Steven Adams with the No. 10 pick. But just a few hours later, he's put another player, a player who had not gone to Portland on any of Ford's previous mock drafts, as Portland's pick at No. 10 ...
Trey Burke
COLLEGE: Michigan
AGE: 20
HT: 6-1
WT: 187

Updated 1:00 PM EST: Burke moved from No. 12 to 10.

Analysis: The Blazers are hoping McCollum or Caldwell-Pope are on the board. But if they aren't? It will come down to Burke, Steven Adams and Cody Zeller. It's a tough three-way race, but I hear that the Blazers might lean toward Burke, in part, because he's a trade asset. Given his size, Burke might struggle to play in the same backcourt as Damian Lillard, but the Blazers had success with Lillard and Eric Maynor last year and feel it will work out if they can't trade him.
If you're someone who wants to see the Trail Blazers make moves for veterans rather than adding another rookie to an already young roster, then this is great news.

And I think you give Ford's opinion some real credence here given Neil Olshey noted during exit interviews back in April that "At the end of the day, the draft is a player acquisition vehicle." Drafting a player who might not fit on your team but has more trade value on the open market is a perfect example of using the draft as a "player acquisition vehicle."


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