Jun 27

Haynes: Aldridge Wants Improvement Or A Trade

By caseyholdahl

Chris Haynes at has a post up this morning about the situation regarding LaMarcus Aldridge and his future with the Trail Blazers. According to Haynes, it sounds like Aldridge wants to be traded if the Trail Blazers don't make dramatic improvements.
Does Aldridge want out of Portland? Yes and no, a source close to the 6-10 forward informed

If Portland doesn't have plans to drastically improve its roster in time for the 2013-14 NBA season, Aldridge would prefer to be moved, and his first choice would be Chicago, the source said.

Trail Blazers general manager Neil Olshey and Aldridge's representatives met in Chicago last month during NBA Pre-Draft Combine to discuss the possibilities of moving the power forward, learned.


The source also said Aldridge wouldn't mind being dealt to the Dallas Mavericks to play in his hometown with the rising belief Dallas has a shot at Dwight Howard. Or to the Los Angeles Clippers, if a scenario such as that makes sense for the Clippers.
In all honesty, this seems like a very reasonable request on Aldridge's part (I'm never a fan of players stipulating which teams they'd like to be traded to, as it makes it harder to get fair value back in return, but that's a minor quibble in this case) and nothing that is all that controversial. There's a huge difference between "I want to be traded" and "I want to be traded if the team doesn't improve." I'd never fault a guy for wanting to play for a winner, especially if they're amiable to staying with the team they're currently with and when they've performed at the level Aldridge has consistently throughout his career.

I would liken Aldridge's reported stance to that of a season ticket holder. Now, there are some people who will buy season tickets regardless of the team's performance. Sure, they'd rather seen more wins than losses, but there's some connection that keeps them coming back year after year, even when times are hard. There's a connection there that runs deeper than the product on the court.

And then there are season ticket holders whose decision to renew has more to do with wins and losses. If they can see better days on the horizon, they renew. If they think the product is poor and has little chance of improving, they'll choose to spend their entertainment dollars elsewhere.

Now, would I prefer if people just showed up at the Rose Garden for every game regardless of the team's performance? Sure, but I certainly don't fault people for tying their decision to performance. One is not more of a "fan" than the other. Unyielding devotion is nice, but it's a lot to ask of someone, be they a fan or all-star power forward.

(Hat tip to Ben at Blazersedge)


  1. The selection of CJ will definitely improve the team and open up opportunities for LA. He should be happy. Still think the big piece to the puzzle is a seasoned center, along with a stronger bench. Some of the late round picks may help. I see a couple of sleepers, if the Blazers decide to keep them.

    by BlazerForever on 6/27/2013 10:15 PM
  2. love the season ticket holder analogy. aldridge has paid his dues through multiple attempts to rebuild. the guy has the patience of a buddhist. i love the blazers but even i tuned out at the end of the season. does that make me disloyal? of course not. the organization needs to do the players, the fans and themselves a favor and improve this team. no need to be timid. i wanna see neil be aggressive and get something done. go blazers!

    by The Unholy on 6/28/2013 11:24 AM
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