Jun 26

Ford: Aldridge An "Intriguing Trade Target"

By caseyholdahl

Chad Ford was asked a question today during a live chat on about the likelihood of Portland trading LaMarcus Aldridge, who numerous teams are reportedly interested in acquiring.
Ripcity4life (Oregon)
Do you think Aldridge will be a Blazer at the start of next season ? Also do you think the Blazers will stay at 10 or move up or Down ?

Chad Ford
I think that the Blazers will listen to Aldridge offers. Seriously listen. Given how good he is, I do think there's a solid chance he's played his last game in a Blazers jersey. The Blazers aren't going to give him away obviously, but he's an intriguing trade target for a lot of teams.
A two-time All-Star who is one of the best in the NBA at his position on a very reasonable contract. It makes perfect sense that he'd be a target for teams looking to make a significant improvements to their rosters. Ford's assertion that Aldridge is a target for a lot of teams only strengthens my opinion that other teams are being much more aggressive in trying to acquire Aldridge than the Trail Blazers are trying to move him. 

But it's the "given how good he is" part that is a bit confusing for me, in that, why wouldn't the Trail Blazers want to keep their best player? They know he's good, too, and I haven't gotten the impression that they're ready to take a huge step back, which would be the most likely short term result of trading Aldridge, after being better than expected in 2012-13. I realize the notion that he's going to leave in free agency is driving some of this speculation, but there's another draft and a few more trade deadlines before that really becomes an issue, if it ever does.

One thing is for sure, the offers are going to have to get a whole lot better than what some teams are reportedly offering to get a player like Aldridge.


  1. That had better NOT happen!

    by BrainLL1 on 6/26/2013 12:38 PM
  2. NO!NO!NO!

    by Matt Gardner on 6/26/2013 12:43 PM
  3. There is no way the Blazers trade Aldridge, unless they are planning to relocate to Seattle. Whatever drug Chad Ford is taking, I want some.

    by DJORGANIC on 6/26/2013 12:48 PM
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