Jun 19

Centers Steven Adams and Rudy Gobert To Workout For Blazers

By caseyholdahl

The Trail Blazers only have a few pre-draft workouts left to conduct. We don't know all of the players who are participating in those remaining workouts, but we know that Thursday's workout will feature Pitt center Steven Adams facing off against French center Rudy Gobert.

We know Adams is in Portland because he noted how Portland reminds him of the capital of New Zealand, Adams' native land ...
And if you're thinking that maybe Adams is just looking at a travel guide of Portland rather than actually being here, he posted more evidence by way of a picture on his Twitter account.
You can see the receipt is from the Native Foods Cafe a restaurant at Bridgeport Village and just a hop, skip and a jump-stop away from the team's practice facility. Looks like a nice bowl of soup.

As for Gobert, we know he's in town for a workout thanks to the geolocation feature on Twitter ...
While Gobert's tweet is obviously in French, it clearly shows in the metadata that the tweet was posted from Tualatin, which, of course, is the location of the team's practice facility.

And from the look of both Adams' and Gobert's twitter accounts, this will at least be the second time these international centers have faced off pre-draft, as they both had a workout with the Hawks on June 18.
It's safe to assume four more players will join Adams and Gobert, as all of Portland's workouts thus far have been either individual workouts or groups of six.


  1. Wish i could see this workout firsthand.

    by commontongue on 6/19/2013 6:49 PM
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