Jun 13

VIDEO: Lillard Wins 'Social Media Rookie of the Year'

By caseyholdahl
The 2013 NBA Social Media Awards aired last night on NBA TV. Damian Lillard was nominated for the "FTW Award" which ended up going to Monta Ellis. You're forgiven if you failed to carve time out of your regular Wednesday night to watch players being celebrated for tweeting.

But if you didn't watch, you missed Lillard taking home the prestigious "Social Rookie Award" which seems fairly self-explanatory. In his acceptance video above, Damian provides some tongue-in-cheek evidences as to how stardom hasn't changed him, which is well worth a few minutes of your time.

(Hat tip to Ben over at Blazersedge)


  1. LOVE IT! Hahaha! Ladies & gentlemen, introducing THE Gggggrrrreat Dame!!! Dame rackin' up awards left & right & he's JUST gettin' started! :) Dame's BIG time; his reach is beyond the NBA; Daniel Day-Lewis... watch ur back because Dame's comin' after YOU! ;p

    by Simpson on 6/13/2013 11:28 AM
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