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Jun 03

Wild Rice’s Point Guard Prospects in the 2013 NBA Draft

By Mike Rice
Trey Burke of Michigan

The so-called basketball experts say this is not a strong draft. But I say if you do your homework and you need a point guard this could be your draft.

If you look at last years’ draft, the reason the Trail Blazers were so nervous when the Kings made their pick at number five was the talent level of point guards after Damian Lillard was Austin Rivers and Kendall Marshall, neither of which was worthy of running a team or really being a first round draft pick. When the Kings picked Thomas Robinson a huge sigh went up in Portland.

This year there is at least 15 point guards that could be drafted in the first or second round and about ten of them will play in their teams’ rotation.

Let’s look first at which teams might draft a point guards and then give some of my reasons and why I think this is a strong point guard draft.

Orlando at no. 2 is the first team that needs a point guard—they have Beno Udrih and old Jameer Nelson at the point. They would only risk the second pick on Ben McLemore, a combo guard, or Victor Oladipo. Later in this blog we’ll go over strengths of both and why they’re the best guards in this draft.

New Orleans at the sixth pick knows that Greivis Vasquez had a great year, but they want someone to replace what Chris Paul did two years ago. Charlotte has Kemba Walker and the Wizards have John Wall so they might take a point in the second round.

The Suns took Kendall Marshall at no. 13 last year and he didn’t help their team at all. So the Suns at the fifth pick this year might try to get another Lillard to help Goran Dragic. The Kings at seven have a new coach in Mike Malone and he might want to replace Isaiah Thomas. The Pistons and Wolves have Brandon Knight and Ricky Rubio so a second round point is a possibility. 

The Blazers at no. 10 won’t take a point, but with three picks in the second round they could very well take on of my 16 point guards there. The Mavs at 13 might be looking for point guard help since Mike James beat out Darren Collison late in the year. Likewise, the Hawks have a new coach and he might want to trade Jeff Teague and Devin Harris.

If Boston wants to start over they may trade their best chip in Rajon Rondo. The Rockets are clearing the roster to try to get Dwight Howard so maybe Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverly are gone and replaced by my big 16.

How about the Lakers? Do they need something a littler younger than Steve Nash or Steve Blake? The Knicks have to do something to please fans so do they dump Ray Felton and Pablo Prigioni?

All in all there is room to draft a point guard in this draft and make your fans have hype in the future. 

Now lets take a look at the 16 point guards that may be taken in the first two rounds.

Victor Oladipo of Indiana

My number one pick if I needed a point guard would be Victor Oladipo from Indiana. He is a super athlete who plays with great energy and never forgets the defensive end of the court. He is 6-4 in shoes.

Next would be Ben McLemore who has the most potential to be a star out of this draft. He is more of a combo guard, but his big game against Michigan showed he can play anywhere.

Trey Burke could be the real sleeper in this draft. He lacks great speed, but has a 6-5 wingspan and has a big heart in big games as everyone saw against Kansas. He will be picked higher than Ty Lawson was at 18, but he could be a solid starter in the NBA.

Michael Carter-Williams out of Syracuse is a true point guard. He has a 6-9 wingspan and could be that big point that a lot of teams are looking for. He must work on his outside shooting to really star in the league.

C.J. McCollum of Lehigh

C.J. McCollum out of Lehigh looks like the real deal on the offensive end. He is the all time Patriot scorer even though he missed a lot of last year with a broken leg. The question of can he defend point guards will be answered in predraft workouts.

Shane Larkin is only 5-10, but has a vertical leap of 44 inches. His coach Jim Larranaga said the reason Miami won 29 games was because of Larkin. He was the ACC Player of the Year.

Dennis Schroeder is a point out of Germany—he had a great game at the Nike Hoop Summit in Portland. He has a 6-7 wing span and has a great handle. He is only 19 years old and has a great future in the NBA.

Peyton Siva and Pierre Jackson out of Louisville and Baylor looked great at the Nets’ combine. Jackson is a Nate Robinson type guard and Siva is excellent leader.

If you want a scoring point guard you could take Erick Green of Virginia Tech. He led the NCAA in scoring with 25 points per game.

The rest might be picked in the second round—Phil Pressey, Lorenzo Brown, Nate Wolters, Isaiah Canaan, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Myck Kabongo of Texas.
Not all of these 16 will make it into the NBA, but if you do your homework you could end up making your fans really happy like Blazers fans are with the Rookie of the Year, Damian Lillard. 

Here's my full 2013 Mock Draft

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