May 16

Video/Transcript: Shabazz Muhammad Talks About Interview With Portland

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Video from with UCLA guard/forward Shabazz Muhammad discussing his interview with the Portland Trail Blazers at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. Some of his comments specific to his interview with the Blazers ...

"Really like the situation in Portland with Damian (Lillard) and LaMarcus (Aldridge), who's an All-Star big, and (Nicolas) Batum. I mean, that's a great situation for me. I think laMarcus is going to get doubled all the time and Damian is coming off of (winning) Rookie of the Year. I think I can step in and do somethings for them."

On the interview itself ...

"I think it went well. It was really comfortable. I love doing interviews. I feel comfortable as a person and I know I didn't do anything wrong. I'm a guy who just wants to work so I look forward to doing interviews."

"I really want to help them out in that position. And not even come in and try to score a lot. I want to come in and learn and if it comes in a slow start pace at first, it's a greater situation for me. I think I could do a really good job there."

"It last 30 minutes. I think that went really smooth. that was one of the smoothest ones I've had. Felt really comfortable with them. it went good."

"They were just trying to see what I would do. They know they have LaMarcus Aldridge, who's an All-Star, and Damian Lillard. That's why I said I'm going to come in and learn from those guys. I want to learn at the end of the day. If you learn how to learn and study the game, you become better as a player."


  1. I am hearing bad things about Shabazz, I am feeling he is another Jamal Crowford

    by Hg on 5/21/2013 7:51 AM
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