Apr 24

Wojnarowski: Cavs have 'fantasy' of trading for LaMarcus Aldridge

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The Cleveland Cavaliers re-hiring Mike Brown to be head coach of the team has renewed discussion about whether Lebron James would consider a return to the team who drafted him when his player option comes up in 2014. The theory is that Lebron, bolstered by winning a few titles in Miami, would return as a free agent to his native Ohio to do what he couldn't during his first seven years in the league: win a championship with the Cavaliers.

Some have also speculated that Brown was dismissed by the Cavs in 2010 as a way, in part, to convince Lebron to stay in Cleveland. Those who have wondered if Lebron would considering returning to Cleveland, even after a contentious, high-profile divorce, are asking if Brown being hired once again as head coach scuttles the chance of Akron's prodigal son returning.

Then there are those like Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski who say Lebron was never returning for various reason, one of which being that the Cavs roster doesn't have the personnel to help Lebron win a title, one of the primary reasons he left for Miami in the first place. Wojnarowski writes that the Cavs are aware of this, and have come up with at least one trade idea to acquire All-Star talent in hopes of convincing Lebron to give it another try in Cleveland.
Yes, James loves Northeast Ohio and will always keep a home there, but the idea of returning as the conquering hero is probably much more romantic than reality. Outside of Irving, there's still little infrastructure to these Cavaliers.

Privately, the Cleveland front office has pitched a fantasy of trading young players and picks to Portland for All-Star forward LaMarcus Aldridge, sources said. Only, that's never going to happen. Cleveland is far higher on its two top-five picks, Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters, than the rest of the NBA.
You can't blame the Cavs for thinking big. A trio of Lebron James, Kyrie Irving and LaMarcus Aldridge would be championship-caliber, though Wojnarowski says it ain't happening.

Aldridge, who turns 28 this July, averaged 21.1 points and 9.1 rebounds in 74 games this season and was named to his second-consecutive All-Star Game. Thompson, 22, started all 82 games in his sophomore season, averaging 11.7 points and 9.4 rebounds. He was selected with the fourth pick in the 2011 Draft after leaving Texas after his rookie season (which is the exact path Aldridge took to the NBA, aside from being selected two picks higher than Thompson). Waiters, 21, just wrapped up his rookie season with averages of 14.7 points, 3.0 assists and 2.4 rebounds in 61 games. He was also taken fourth overall by the Cavs in the 2012 Draft. Cleveland also owns two first-round draft picks, projected to be the No. 4 and No. 30 picks, in 2013 Draft.


  1. Cleveland doesn't have what it would take to land Aldridge: a top NBA center plus a good reserve or draft picks.

    by dgpdx on 4/24/2013 8:18 AM
  2. The chance of landing Aldridge (Debatably The Best Forward in the league) Is not going to happen. Portland wouldn't let go of L.A. and I'm certain Aldridge wants to stay with the Blazers. As of now, I think the Portland Trail Blazers will hold onto L.A real close.
    Of course this all coming from a giant TB fan so anything is debatable.
    - Justin

    by Justin Edwards on 4/24/2013 9:32 AM
  3. Can't dismiss it out of hand. As good as LA is, can he really lead the team to a championship?

    by William David Cheever on 4/24/2013 6:43 PM
  4. Aldridge not be negotiated unless otherwise superstar. what Portland needs is to have a productive bench. you need to have alternates to average 10 or more points game.To play that holders have rest and not have to play 38 or 40 minutes per game. alternate hierarchy!

    by blazer16 on 4/30/2013 7:53 AM
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