Apr 11

Damian Lillard on The Dan Patrick Show: 'Kobe, I just need you to miss one.'

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Damian Lillard, despite playing 43 minutes in a loss to the Lakers last night, woke up early this morning for an interview on The Dan Patrick Show. It's your standard Damian Lillard rookie interview, though Dame did tell one story I hadn't yet heard.

When Patrick asked Lillard about his "welcome to the league" moment, Lillard recalled a moment during the 111-107 loss to the Lakers in Los Angeles on February 22. Take it away Dame ...

"I think the last game in L.A. was probably the time where I had that because it was a pretty close game. I scored a few buckets and the Lakers, the crowd was into it, Kobe was killing. He went to the free throw line and they needed those free throws and I told him, I said 'Kobe, I just need you to miss one.' And he just kind of ignored me, just stayed focus and he went and made both free throws. There was a timeout and I remember walking back on the floor. He walked past me and tapped me on my back and said 'This ain't my first rodeo, rook.' And I was like, wow."

If you saw Lillard's 38-point, 9-assist performance last night against the Lakers, you already know he's not afraid to to toe-to-toe against Kobe, so I guess it should come as no surprise that he was willing to try, at least in earnest, to engage in mind games with one of the game's all-time great competitors.


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