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Tips On Winning Lillard's miadidas Contest

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You're probably already aware that Damian Lillard is giving you the opportunity to design and win a pair of adidas Rose 3.5 that he'll wear in an upcoming game. Go to miadidas, choose from the customization options available for the Rose 3.5, "share" your design by at-replying @Dame_Lillard and @adidashoops with the hashtag #LillardKicks on Twitter, then cross your fingers that you've just created one of the two versions that Damian will wear. If he selects your design you'll also receive the same pair. The contest ends Friday, so you'd better get cracking.

(You can check out the pair that I customized here.)

But with so many entries (and I've heard there have been quite a few) how can you improve the chances of your design being one of the two selected by Damian? For that answer, we turn to the man making the final decision.

"Not make it too wild," said Lillard. "There's probably a lot of the shoes that look exactly the same. I just have to pick the one that I think fits the best. There's certain patterns that I like. We're going to see which ones people have to offer."

No surprise that Lillard, a somewhat reserved young man, wouldn't be too keen on the more "wild" options. But there are also factors outside of Damian's control, primarily Portland's colors being red, black and white, that will also weigh into his decision.

"It it's a shoe with a lot of black in it with a little bit of red, but the bottom piece is white? I'm not going to wear that because I'd wear those with the dark uniform," explained Lillard. "I'm not going to have a big white stripe (paired with road black uniform). It'll depend on the color of the shoe, what uniform I wear with it. It'll have to match up with either the home or away uniform. But I'm not making any suggestions. I'm going to look at all of them and pick two that I like!"

It might not have been a suggestion, but Damian did say he likes the application of the "splatter" pattern, which is available both on the midsole and on the three stripes on the heel. He also said that he'd consider Weber State colorway submissions, but that he might not be able to wear such colors in a game.

But the best advice is probably just to have fun and put together a custom pair that you'd like to wear. After all, says Lillard, that's really the point of the contest.

"It's a lot of fun doing it and giving people a chance to make something that I'm actually going to wear. That's even fun for me. If I'm going to create a shoe it's fun to be able to put in your own style, mix and match what you want and actually be able to wear the shoe."


  1. My idea would be a pair of shoes designed to look like bare feet...

    by Storyteller on 2/26/2013 1:37 PM
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