Feb 08

Damian Lillard Wears Rose 3.5 'Year Of The Snake'

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February 8 is Chinese New Year, and since this is the Year of the Snake, the NBA is having players wear special shooting shirts featuring a snake and Chinese script.

And some players, at least the guys who are sponsored by adidas, are taking the Year of the Snake celebration to the next level with special sneaker editions featuring gold and blue colorways. Which is exciting.

But what is more noteworthy is Damian Lillard, who is of course sponsored by adidas, wearing Rose 3.5 "Year of the Snake" in Friday night's game against the Rockets in Houston. As best I can tell, Lillard is the first player who has worn Rose 3.5s in an NBA game.

Lillard wore Rose 3s for the first time last week against the Jazz in Utah, but after being selected first in the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge draft and being officially invited to compete in the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, I guess the folks at adidas decided it was a good time to get one of their premier point guards wearing their newest shoe, even if it's not Derek Rose.

And not to be left out of the Year of the Snake colorway excitement, Nicolas Batum and Nolan Smith are both wearing adidas adizero Crazy Light 2s in the gold and turquoise mockups.

(Rose 3.5 photo comes courtesy of Mike Barrett's Twitter account. Crazy Light 2 photo via Nicolas Batum's Facebook page)


  1. Both Derick Rose and Damian Lillard have Red and Black team colors. Gold and Baby blue = Denver Nuggets = FAIL ADIDAS
    Yeah I know Nike has done about 1000 red and black Air Jordans so maybe Adidas is just trying to be different. The faux snakeskin is killer, even matches my fave B-Ball, but the baby blue and gold just ruins it. It's like smearing dog-doo on top a cake instead of icing.
    Grats to Dame, Nic, and Nolan for being sponsored. ;)

    by DPR Rip City on 2/10/2013 11:02 AM
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