Nov 28

On The Road With Tone

By antonioharvey Posted in: Blazers, Wizards
There’s nothing like being number 1, unless you are in Washington DC, facing the lowly Washington Wizards, who hold a dismal 0-12 record. This is the ONE situation that number 1 would be embarrassing, as in the ONE team Washington has beaten this season!!! The Blazers face Washington in the 3 game of a 7 game road trip, which will take us all over the East coast.

The one thing that I have learned about long road trips in the NBA, there is NO way to actually prepare yourself for them. Be it packing(I never bring enough underwear, Macy’s here I come), forgetting my hotel room, nothing worse than coming in from dinner or a movie, getting on the elevator, and realizing you have NO idea of what floor you’re on, let alone what room you’re in. So you are stuck there in the elevator, looking back and forth between the numbers on the elevator and your room key, hoping somehow, by the grace of God, it will just pop back into your head, it doesn’t! So you are forced to walk to the front desk and ask (much to the amusement of the front desk attendant). Not that this has happened to me mind you, I have just heard that it can be embarrassing. It probably seems like the travel would be like a mini vacation, but it is SOOOO not a vacation. You rarely get to see ANY part of the city you're in, you arrive about 1am, sleep in until it's time for a meeting (players), or your body decides it's time for coffee (broadcasters). Then it's nap time, to catch up on the sleep you didn't get last night (players), research the team we're facing (broadcasters), then it's time to get dressed, go the game, and do it all over again.

This trip hasn’t been all bad though (despite the Blazers 2 losses), I love being in the nations capital, and this year we changed hotels in NYC, Trump SOHO is NICE!!! Look it up! I went for a walk in the area, and as much as hate the big city, I enjoyed feeling the electricity on the streets. There were people everywhere, and restaurants on every corner, I popped my head in a few, just to take in the city scene.

Well, I’m off to the game, here’s to hoping the Blazers don’t find themselves in the position of being NUMBER 1.


  1. I was wondering what it was like! Now I have an idea! Thanks! Great story! I love the behind-the-scenes stuff.

    by BadHorsie on 12/3/2012 5:26 PM
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