Oct 24

Arnovitz: Trail Blazers At A Crossroad

By caseyholdahl Posted in: damianlillard, LaMarcusAldridge

Kevin Arnovitz of list the Trail Blazers as one of the five teams that are "standing at the junction, examining the map and looking at the routes" going into the 2012-13 season:
A creative Terry Stotts will work hard to develop the Lillard-Aldridge tandem to its full potential, and it could be something special. But if the chemistry doesn't translate into a winning combination, and Aldridge grows uncomfortable as Banana No. 1, do you reshuffle the deck? And, if so, is Aldridge an asset you'd discard if the right offer came along? Could you afford not to?

The Trail Blazers don't figure to win much in 2012-13, and will likely have another high pick in June to add more young talent -- as well as some money to throw around -- but it's going to be a painstaking process.
The regular season starts on Wednesday. That's all we know for sure about this season. Everything else, we'll learn on the way.


  1. i know alot of people dont think the blazers will get many wins this year. i dont expect playoffs but i'm dont think they'll be as bad as other teams that had starting rookie point guards. they have more talent than let's say the wizards or the cavs. portland has a pretty decent starting line up in my eyes. i mean, who did john wall or kyrie irving really have around them? portland has lamarcus, batum, and wes. i believe the biggest question this season is how the bench plays when the starters need a rest.

    by The Unholy on 10/25/2012 2:41 PM
  2. I agree Unholy. Sasha and Jeffries while servicable cant do it alone. We need a bonafied threat off our bench. Barton ? Negative. Too raw. Nolan ? Inconsistent. Free agency ? Scarce. Sparse. Tough season ? No doubt. I still like our chances as a sleeper in our division.

    by commontongue on 10/25/2012 5:17 PM
  3. i like Coby Karl ill take him on our team any day of the week let smith go and E Williams to gets hurt every single time he gets better we need to move on from them and look for something good

    by mp on 10/26/2012 7:47 AM
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