Oct 02

For the first time since we starting doing live fan chats on Media Day four years ago, we were able to get every player on the show (though the segment with Wesley Matthews was rather short and the Sasha Pavlovic interview had audio issues). Not only did every player at least sit down, but all of them were in good spirits and willing to answer your questions honestly.

The interviews are broken up into five parts for easier viewing. All of five parts can be viewed on the Just Casey show page, though I've also provided the links to each individual segment below.

Media Day Fan Chat, Part One: Nicolas Batum, Luke Babbitt, Adam Morrison and Dallas Lauderdale

Media Day Fan Chat, Part Two: Jared Jeffries, Ronnie Price and Demonte Harper

Media Day Fan Chat, Part Three
: Victor Claver, Coby Karl, Nolan Smith and Meyers Leonard

Media Day Fan Chat, Part Four
: JJ Hickson, LaMarcus Aldridge and Will Barton

And finally, Media Day Fan Chat, Part Five: Joel Freeland and Damian Lillard


  1. Hey Casey:
    I finally got to listen to all your interviews, I am really impressed with all the players.
    I don't know how far we will go, and I am not sure I really care. I just want to see some good BB, happy faces and always some hope that most of the fans are happy.
    I am excited to see the LL and L train at work. I can see already Leonard and LaMarcus is the high low game. If in fact Leonard gets his foot work better, and LaMarcus developing a dribble drive and passing game, I can see them as a double post threat, with both down low or both high post. Of course with DLill as the distributor to the whole thing

    by Hg on 10/3/2012 8:04 AM
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