Sep 28

Find JJ Hickson Saturday

By caseyholdahl Posted in: damianlillard, j.j.hickson, NicolasBatum, NolanSmith
If you follow JJ Hickson on Twitter at @Hickson21 or on his Facebook page, you probably already know about this Saturday's "Find JJ" event. But if you aren't one of those people who keeps up on what Hickson is doing via social media, you'll want to consider doing ASAP, and here's why.

Saturday morning, JJ will be tweeting out clues about various locations in Portland that you'll be able to "Find JJ." You be the first person to get to that location and you'll be greeted by JJ, who will subsequently give you a great prize like tickets to an upcoming game, Trail Blazers gear, gift certificates and other kinds of swag signed by JJ. After that, it's onto the next location, of which there will be roughly five all together. So if you don't make it to the first location, fear not, you'll have a few more chances to Find JJ in the Portland metro area.

The majority of clues will go out via JJ's Twitter account, but some will also get filtered to his Facebook, Instagram (JJHickson21) and Pintrest pages, so check those out as well.

Also, it sounds like Nicolas Batum, Nolan Smith and Damian Lillard will be at the adidas campus on Saturday (5060 NE Greeley) from 1-2:30 PM to sign autographs, so maybe work that into your weekend as well.


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