Aug 21

Video: 'The Other Dream Team' Trailer With Sabonis, Walton

By caseyholdahl Posted in: arvydassabonis, billwalton

A lot of people got excited about the The Dream Team documentary that recently aired on NBA TV. Is a very nice film, though I'm not sure how much, if anything, I learned a whole lot about the team. That wasn't due to any shortcomings belonging to the film; it's just that the '92 Dream Team is one of the most famous and discussed teams in the history of sport.

I don't expect that will be the case when it comes to another documentary, The Other Dream Team, which focuses on the 1992 Lithuanian Men's Basketball team, headlined by international legend Arvydas Sabonis. Playing as a country independent from the USSR for the first time since the formation of the Soviet bloc, the Lithuanians overcame various difficulties to finish with the bronze medal by beating Russia in Barcelona, a feat that ended up being as much about the end of oppression as it did basketball.

The video above is a trailer for The Other Dream Team, and it looks fantastic. There's a whole lot of Bill Walton, who figures into the story through his association with Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead, who outfitted the Lithuanian team with tie-dyed gear when they had no money for equipment. And Sabas getting choked up talking about national pride. And a whole lot of goosebumps.

Not sure if The Other Dream Team will play in Portland, but if it does, see you there.


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