Jun 21

Wesley Matthews' Offseason Shoe Game Workout

By caseyholdahl Posted in: WesleyMatthews

"I've always been a sneakerhead," said Wesley Matthews. "I think they might be one of the biggest fashion statements you can make, your shoes and how you accessorize."

So it's no surprise that during a trip to one of the world's fashion capitals, New York City, Matthews visited the Kixclusive sneaker boutique in SoHo (which Matthews described as a "little hole in the wall") with The NOC to do something he rarely does: purchase shoes.

That's not to say Wesley doesn't own a ton of shoes. In fact, he estimates he owns roughly "70-something pairs," and that's after recently giving away 15 pairs. But between his mother buying his shoes when he was a kid and Nike giving him shoes as a part of his endorsement with The Swoosh now that he's an adult, Wesley says he hasn't had much impetus to buy sneakers at retail.

"My mom was hip, so she always kept me with clean shoes," said Matthews. "It's funny, I never bought shoes growing up because my mom did. She worked her ass off to buy me shoes and now that I can buy myself shoes, I still don't buy 'em. I just get 'em."

But sometimes fashion is as much about the thrill of the hunt as it is the merchandise itself, which is why Wesley took to the streets of NYC rather than calling his Nike rep, asking for the "Raging Bull" Jordan 5's (the sneaker he says he's currently "rocking") and waiting for delivery.

Said Matthews: "Sometimes, you want to go out and do it."

Which is, after all, the advice Nike so often prescribes.


  1. He's never allowed to rag on me about my shoes again. EVER.

    by sarahhecht on 6/21/2012 11:02 AM
  2. He should wear any shoe that gives him a 2-3 extra inches in vertical lift for every game.

    by Jeffery Phillips on 6/21/2012 12:20 PM
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